Thursday, April 24, 2008


I just wanted to share with you all a couple of quick and cute conversations that I have overheard and have been apart of.

  1. Reagan brought home from preschool an outline of herself on a large piece of white paper. On the bottom of the paper it said "Doctor Reagan", taped it to the wall by our kitchen because it was too big for the fridge and every time Lincoln walks by it he says, "Wow, big da ha!!" (if you don't know that is what he calls his big sister).
  2. I'm reading to Lincoln the last book we always read before we say our prayers and tuck him. Its Goodnight Moon, and Reagan has it memorized as I'm sure Lincoln does too, but Reagan was going to the bathroom which is in between their rooms. I start reading and I hear Reagan saying the line in the book right before I'm going to say it, mind you she is on the toilet taking care of business but it doesn't bother her, and it was priceless.
  3. When the kids and I are outside or going places and if we see something really big, we always say, "wow that's a big daddy truck" or "look a big daddy dog" or "look a big daddy worm." Lincoln loves saying, "wow big daddy ______fill in the blank." So, I am changing Lincoln's diaper and it was number 2, and I said, wow Lincoln that was a big one, and he says, "yeah, a big daddy poopie." I could have fell over laughing but I had to finish changing his diaper. Oh these kids sure are entertaining!!!

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