Thursday, April 3, 2008


Tim's recovery is taking longer than expected and he has been home half days which is actually been very nice.

The groan I am making is because in light of the nice weather, our grass is growing like crazy. Which means I need to mow the lawn. Our mower needed a tune up and a new blade and I pick it up tomorrow....I loaded it by myself and took it down to the dealer.

I have not mowed a lawn in over 12 years....ugh. The service guy said to me, hey you might end up liking it? What...ugh......I hope he is right. I'm not one to usually complain, so I will find the good in it, I get to be outside, one with nature, and oh did I say I was allergic to grass.

I love my husband and can't wait till he is better!!!


LeeAnn said...

I feel your pain. As soon as Scott left home I had to mow the lawn. Once I even sprained my ankle. Good luck!

Christy said...

That is what happened to me too, when Bill left home. We use to split it, I would take the front yard and he would take the back. But after he left I had to do the whole thing. At least our mower is self propelled.