Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I heart my dryer

When we built our home, we bought a new washer and dryer. We purchased the Maytag drying center and love it.

I have heard that many owners are having problems with the heating element going out and that Maytag isn't making the dryers anymore. The horrible part of this is that the heating element is going out and is on back order until Sept '08. I can't imagine being without a dryer for that amount of time. And Maytag is only offering a 15% discount on a new dryer. But I don't think I would take it, I love our drying center.

We use the top portion of the dryer almost every week.
  • We dry and frebrez Tim's air cast boot from his surgery to get rid of the funk.
  • I cleaned and then put Lincoln's wood train tracks in there and now they smell really good.
  • Shoes
  • Rugs
  • Dress shirts and dresses
  • Gloves
Well, Tim just informed me that our dryer won't need a heating element because we have a gas dryer!! I'm so glad that we decided to go with the gas dryer instead of electric. But now all I can think about is that an open flame is drying our clothes, like there is a little camp fire behind the walls of our dryer that is no-mans land.....because only the repair guy has the right tools to go there.

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