Monday, April 28, 2008

My little project

So, I forgot to take a before picture but here is a close up of the faucet.
I replaced it because Reagan has a hard time turning it on to wash her hands.

What was I thinking?

Reagan modeling the new faucet. With separate hot and cold handles, the water can't get too hot now.

Under the sink, I had almost know idea what I was doing, I kept calling my Dad, he is so great. (Tim was in a meeting or I would have called him)

All I have to say is plumbers puddy is so gross...yuck, and I will leave out the description of what the trap looked like...super gross.

Doesn't it look so nice, it said in the instructions it would take 45 minutes, it took about 3 hours and another 24 hours for the caulking to dry completely.

I also had to change the drain part and that was most of the work.

I think it looks great, now only 4 more to do....I think I will take my time with the others.

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Julie's Blog said...

Once again, I am impressed with your abilities and determination.