Saturday, April 19, 2008

Snow, new bed, and hail

Snow at 6:30am this morning, it was a little bit of a surprise.

Lincoln's new toddler bed.
$50 at Walmart, great deal!!

His new toy box in his room.

The storm, it was hailing on and off for about an hour.

Our street.


Its almost over.

Last year we had a similar storm.


Stormy C... is said...

Lincoln has such a cute room - so clutter free. We are getting ready to update the boys' room (they share) because now it is baby blue and yellow and the Suzy's zoo little duck thing. Anyhow, this is super cute!!

Christy said...

Stormy, it was nice and clean because I was going to take picture's. His room is normally a normal little boys room with trucks, dirt, cars, and books scattered everywhere!!