Tuesday, April 15, 2008

streptococcus zoococcus - -- - update

Lincoln is still sick with a bad tummy bug, I will call it streptococcus zoococcus. I thought he was better but this morning he threw up again in his bed...yuck.
He has had 4 or more diarrhea diapers a day. (as I'm typing this I just heard him fill his pants with a very familiar gurgling sound...I know its gross)
So I called the doc and Lincoln is on a oral re-hydration schedule.

2 tsp every 2 minutes for 4 hours of gatorade (not the red flavor). If you continues to vomit in the first hour increase to 3 tsp every 2 minutes for the rest of the 4 hours. If he continues to vomit call doctor.
After 8 hours of no vomiting he can have yogurt (live culture, vanilla or custard flavor only)
banana's, rice, toast and beans.

This bug is going around, many of our friends and their kids are sick with it, especially the little ones. Tim's Grandma is also sick with it and she in the hospital because she is very dehydrated.

Lincoln did great all day, however right before Tim got home Lincoln threw up right in front of me and all over his train tracks.......so incredibly gross. Called the doc again because I am one of those mothers, and the nurse told me the same thing as before. I asked her if it was the rotavirus or if it was contagious and she said she hadn't heard it called anything yet and she didn't know if it was contagious or not, but it only seems to be really affecting the old and very young.

His wood train tracks smell very good after lots of soapy water and plenty of Lysol. The carpet is clean but I can still smell it, I'm headed to the store for some kid and pet stain remover...don't worry its not harmful to the kids.

And you ask how Lincoln is doing, well.....when he isn't throwing up, he is pretty much his playful self who is very hungry and upset with his parents for not feeding him. We will try toast and banana's in the morning if he is up for it.


Lee Ann said...

Poor Lincoln. I hope he feels better soon. He's got such a good mom!

Christy said...

Thanks Lee Ann, Tim brought home a beautiful bouquet of pink flowers for me, which have lifted my spirits!