Thursday, April 17, 2008

uhhh....what's that smell???

Its vomit, and it is infused into our carpet and I cannot get the smell out.
I will tell you what I have done.

  • Quickly cleaned up the mass amount of vomit.
  • Pre-treated the area with stain & smell remover
  • Used our carpet cleaner on it twice
  • Used Febrez
  • Used Arm & Hammer carpet & fabric fresh odor eliminator
What do I do now?
You can't smell it unless you wipe your hand where it was and then smell your hand or put your nose in the carpet. But I can smell haunts me all day....taunting me!!!

Help, what else can I do? I told Tim that we need to get new carpet, he thinks I'm joking!

I wish I could the carpet in the drying center.

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