Saturday, April 12, 2008

Updated --- We went to the Zoo and so did everyone else!!!

2 weeks ago it was snowing, today it was 80 degrees!!

We went to the zoo and didn't realize it was Packy's 46th birthday.

I tried to bribe Reagan out of going, because we had park in the shuttle lot, take a school bus and wait in the longest line at the zoo I have ever seen. I have never seen the zoo this packed before, we saw the elephants last, which helped to avoid the crowds.

My parents renewed our membership so we got in very quickly.
I took one picture of the bears and my camera died....will post that up soon.

We had a great time, a little hot but oh well.
Lincoln fell asleep on Mom's shoulder and Reagan fell asleep on the way home.

Tomorrow we are not going anywhere after church, just home and playing around the house.

(Lincoln puked in his sleep last night so Lincoln and I stayed home and Tim and Reagan went to church) I also mowed the lawn again, I think I cut it too short, I hope I didn't kill it.

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