Thursday, May 29, 2008

How much wood could a wood chuck wood, if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

3 1/2 square yards.
Okay, I'm not sure if that is right but that is how much is surrounding the play structure.
It took me 2 hours while Lincoln was napping, and giving Reagan a ride in and empty wheel barrio.

The wood chips are not very consistent, lots of nice piece's, and then there is one that is sharp like a knife and would take out your eye. Next time I will do a better job of picking out wood chips. But if they do fall they will be protected from a possible broken arm, they might need stitches from the knife like bark chip but broken bones.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm sore

I evened out the high spots and raked the rocks and dirt nice and smooth. I put down weed barrier which is mostly gray, but I ran out and all they had left was black. Reagan helped me hammer in the pegs to hold it down. I need to buy more pegs, but other than that I'm all done.

The people that are delivering the wood chips are out, so we will be delayed a couple of days.
It hurts to laugh, cough, sneeze, or just plain move. I also sprayed our sick flowering pear tree, it has pacific coast pear rust.

This is our view from our back yard and I just love it. On clear days we can see Mt. St. Helen's, Mt. Baker and Mt. Hood.

Monday, May 26, 2008

What did you do for memorial day weekend?

Saturday I mowed the lawn, and I'm getting pretty good at it, Lincoln even helped me with the last little bit.

Then on Sunday we saw Indiana Jones....very should see it, don't worry....I won't give you any spoilers.

Next, Reagan found baby Jesus, you might be wondering where he had been. Well, my parents went to Israel a month or so ago and brought back 2 nativity sets, 1 for my oldest brother and one for me. They are from Bethlehem and made from olive wood. The story goes like this.
Mom, packages up Del's set and leaves the other one out for me to come and pick up. She watched Lincoln for me on that day and Lincoln hid baby Jesus. The star of the show, the reason for the nativity set, the wise men are accounted for, camels, donkey's, Mary, Joseph, Shepard boy.....all are there.....but baby Jesus.

We tore the house apart and Lincoln wasn't talking. My Mom found a guy in North Carolina and when we were there we found the guy and graciously sold us one baby Jesus.

After Indiana Jones we pick the kids up at my parents home and Reagan surprised us with Baby Jesus!! Lincoln had hid him inside a small tea pot in the play kitchen, even though I had looked there or so I thought......I knew he would turn up. When ever we went there we would ask Lincoln to show us where he was and he still wasn't talking.

I also think that our Baby Jesus looks George W. Bush.....what do you think?

On Monday we added a wood border to our play area. We still have to finish hammering in the rebarb into each wood section....its very labor intensive and much harder than it looks. If any of my friends that read my blog want to come over and help me I will gladly watch your kids for a date night with your hubby or I could make you a margarita?

I helped dig the trenches and hammer in stakes and we both took turns hammering in the rebarb. I'm very sore and tired and tomorrow I have more work to do. Wednesday we have bark chips delivered and it must be ready by then.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Garden picture

Our little garden!!
We planted strawberries, tomatoes, sweet peas, cucumbers, pumpkins, and onions. We still want to plant basil and something else, but I have forgotten.

The kids made a fort and I couldn't resist taking a picture of the pillow madness from every chair and couch in the house. Good times!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sunday afternoon BBQ

Sunday afternoon we went to a graduation BBQ. On the way there we were the first on the scene of a motorcycle accident. The guy tried to pass a car and the car sped up and motorcycle guy lost control and went over his handle bars and was very fortunate to land in a grassy patch (he was coming down the hill in the picture at a high rate of speed) They think he broke his back, ribs, and a leg . We called 911 because people that stopped afterward didn't have coverage. We had to wait for the ambulance because he was using my coat as a head stabilizer.

After we finally arrived, the kids were in love with the chickens, dogs and the many cats.

Our friends had baby chicks, all the kids at the bbq loved these little guys.

After we moved the cadge to a poop free area the kids got and held the chicks.

They had a small hill under some pine trees and the kids would go down the dirt hill on round plastic snow saucers. Lincoln wanted to try so I went up the hill with him and Ellie went with us too.

That was so much fun!!

My mother's day gift

Tim built me 2 raised garden beds.....he is so wonderful!!

All the wood.

He built them when we were in North Carolina and took picture's so I could post them on the blog.....I just love this man!!!

In the ground without the good dirt.

Nice and full with organic compost.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


When I went to visit my brother, all my shows kept on recording and I had full intention of watching them all. I am so use to having the DVR that I often want to pause live radio or try to rewind it....some day it will be possible.

I have sadly had to delete:
  • several Oprah's
  • Dr. Phil's
  • half of Scrubs
  • The Office
  • and Little People Big World.

I still have to watch:
  • Medium
  • Verminators
  • Law & Order
  • 2 Oprah's
  • and 1 Dr. Phil
I can't watch Dr. Phil or Oprah in the day anymore because Reagan doesn't nap, so it usually gets deleted or watched when Tim isn't around.

Mother's Day Tea

At Reagan's preschool class they had a special mother's day tea. I loved every minute of it.

Me & Reagan, she was the first to come out and greet me, she then led me to our seats.

We made a picture with her hand print and my hand print with our thumbs touching.

She also made a special present....all the mom's received the same thing.

Her foot print with pint and purple sand.....I love it.

This was attached to my gift.

They also sang us 2 songs and then said what they like about your Mom's hands and Reagan said, "that she liked to garden with me." Then the teacher asked what makes your Mom pretty and she said, "because she reads to me at night."

I can't wait to do it again next year.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Record Heat ***update***

***it's now 101.4*** at 4:56 pm ***
Just 3 1/2 weeks ago we had snow and today we have record heat 100.7 degrees. I had know idea it was going to be so hot, I thought when I was mowing the lawn that it felt warmer than 90. Just so you know it could be my last time mowing the lawn. I am glad that I won't be mowing so often but it has been great exercise and I have a new understanding why edging is so necessary.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

She's crafty

That's right I'm crafty and resourceful.

Before: $12.99 at tj max.

After: looks the same, but I had a long drill bit and drilled 2 holes from the back to each of the right and left front small area's.

I bought a small power strip at home depot for $8.00, used Velcro to attach it and then plugged in our cell phone chargers and fished the cords through the holes to those little cubbies that hold our phones while they charge and it hides the mess. I'm going to zip tie the cords so it looks nicer.

I'm so proud of myself for making my own charging station and you can do it wasn't that hard.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Little project for Reagan & Me

I found this pint sized Armour at TJ Max today. It was $39.00 because of damage to the back corner.
Here is a picture of the damage, I'm going to do my best to fix it.

So, you ask, "Christy what are you going to do with this cute little piece of furniture?
Well, I have been looking for a small night stand with 3 draws to make into a small dresser for Reagan's doll clothes. I saw this at TJ Max and knew I could turn it into something really cute for a little girls room. I'm going to fix the hole and then paint the whole thing white, and then add some flower molding on the doors. I also bought a wood dowel and am going to hang that inside so Reagan can hang up her doll clothes.
I have also been looking for a charging station to hide all our wire's for our cell phones and things of that nature. But at Pottery Barn they are a pretty penny. I bought this little number also at TJ Max and am going to drill some holes in the back and add a small power strip to hide all ugly plugs and cords. I will let you all know how that turns out.

Mother's Day Weekend in N.C.

My Mom, myself and the kids flew to see my older brother Bill and his wife Danielle for mother's day weekend.
We arrived Thursday evening and went to watch Bill's softball game. There was a nice park and a great playground for the kids, which is just what they needed after a long day of flying.
The next day we went to the Duke Gardens and couldn't believe all the animals we saw.

Family picture in a famous place, there are many weddings that happen in the gazebo behind us....just beautiful!!
Uncle Billy and the kids thought we would be feeding the ducks but instead we fed catfish, turtles, a squirrel and some birds.

Auntie Danielle keeping a close watch on Mr. Lincoln as they cross the bridge.

Uncle Billy and Auntie Danielle found a caterpillar and Reagan eagerly wanted to hold it but Lincoln thought it was best just to watch.

Lincoln had been quiet and we peaked into the other room to find Lincoln sharing his fish crackers with was a very cute moment.

The next day we went to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science.
Reagan waited patiently but the butterfly would not land on her, she wanted that so bad to happen.
Big dino foot prints.
Little Lincoln and big dino.
My grandma was big teeth you have?

Say, "ahhhhhhhh."
Can you believe the gas prices???

Last night of our visit Lincoln was following Abe around, holding his tail and Abe didn't care or mind one minute, it was so cute. Lincoln really bonded with Abe, he still talks about him.

We had such a great time, we are hoping and praying that someday soon they will live on the west coast or at least only 1 time zone away. The next time we will see them is Thanksgiving week....can't wait!!