Thursday, May 29, 2008

How much wood could a wood chuck wood, if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

3 1/2 square yards.
Okay, I'm not sure if that is right but that is how much is surrounding the play structure.
It took me 2 hours while Lincoln was napping, and giving Reagan a ride in and empty wheel barrio.

The wood chips are not very consistent, lots of nice piece's, and then there is one that is sharp like a knife and would take out your eye. Next time I will do a better job of picking out wood chips. But if they do fall they will be protected from a possible broken arm, they might need stitches from the knife like bark chip but broken bones.


Kristin said...

Great job. You are a hard worker. Are you done now? Do you get to enjoy your backyard now?

Christy said...

We hope to, since we have a white vinyl fence we don't need to stain it but we do need to wash it with soap and water. I am about 1/4 of the way done washing it like you would wash a car, but I'm using simple green as to not harm the plants and kids.