Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend in N.C.

My Mom, myself and the kids flew to see my older brother Bill and his wife Danielle for mother's day weekend.
We arrived Thursday evening and went to watch Bill's softball game. There was a nice park and a great playground for the kids, which is just what they needed after a long day of flying.
The next day we went to the Duke Gardens and couldn't believe all the animals we saw.

Family picture in a famous place, there are many weddings that happen in the gazebo behind us....just beautiful!!
Uncle Billy and the kids thought we would be feeding the ducks but instead we fed catfish, turtles, a squirrel and some birds.

Auntie Danielle keeping a close watch on Mr. Lincoln as they cross the bridge.

Uncle Billy and Auntie Danielle found a caterpillar and Reagan eagerly wanted to hold it but Lincoln thought it was best just to watch.

Lincoln had been quiet and we peaked into the other room to find Lincoln sharing his fish crackers with was a very cute moment.

The next day we went to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science.
Reagan waited patiently but the butterfly would not land on her, she wanted that so bad to happen.
Big dino foot prints.
Little Lincoln and big dino.
My grandma was big teeth you have?

Say, "ahhhhhhhh."
Can you believe the gas prices???

Last night of our visit Lincoln was following Abe around, holding his tail and Abe didn't care or mind one minute, it was so cute. Lincoln really bonded with Abe, he still talks about him.

We had such a great time, we are hoping and praying that someday soon they will live on the west coast or at least only 1 time zone away. The next time we will see them is Thanksgiving week....can't wait!!

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