Thursday, May 15, 2008

She's crafty

That's right I'm crafty and resourceful.

Before: $12.99 at tj max.

After: looks the same, but I had a long drill bit and drilled 2 holes from the back to each of the right and left front small area's.

I bought a small power strip at home depot for $8.00, used Velcro to attach it and then plugged in our cell phone chargers and fished the cords through the holes to those little cubbies that hold our phones while they charge and it hides the mess. I'm going to zip tie the cords so it looks nicer.

I'm so proud of myself for making my own charging station and you can do it wasn't that hard.


Scott and Shana said...

You should check out Make Magazine... right up your alley. And they have a video podcast too. (They have a sister magazine and video podcast called Craft.. also very awesome)

you are crafty!


Christy said...

Thanks Scott, I will check them out.