Monday, May 19, 2008

Sunday afternoon BBQ

Sunday afternoon we went to a graduation BBQ. On the way there we were the first on the scene of a motorcycle accident. The guy tried to pass a car and the car sped up and motorcycle guy lost control and went over his handle bars and was very fortunate to land in a grassy patch (he was coming down the hill in the picture at a high rate of speed) They think he broke his back, ribs, and a leg . We called 911 because people that stopped afterward didn't have coverage. We had to wait for the ambulance because he was using my coat as a head stabilizer.

After we finally arrived, the kids were in love with the chickens, dogs and the many cats.

Our friends had baby chicks, all the kids at the bbq loved these little guys.

After we moved the cadge to a poop free area the kids got and held the chicks.

They had a small hill under some pine trees and the kids would go down the dirt hill on round plastic snow saucers. Lincoln wanted to try so I went up the hill with him and Ellie went with us too.

That was so much fun!!

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