Monday, May 26, 2008

What did you do for memorial day weekend?

Saturday I mowed the lawn, and I'm getting pretty good at it, Lincoln even helped me with the last little bit.

Then on Sunday we saw Indiana Jones....very should see it, don't worry....I won't give you any spoilers.

Next, Reagan found baby Jesus, you might be wondering where he had been. Well, my parents went to Israel a month or so ago and brought back 2 nativity sets, 1 for my oldest brother and one for me. They are from Bethlehem and made from olive wood. The story goes like this.
Mom, packages up Del's set and leaves the other one out for me to come and pick up. She watched Lincoln for me on that day and Lincoln hid baby Jesus. The star of the show, the reason for the nativity set, the wise men are accounted for, camels, donkey's, Mary, Joseph, Shepard boy.....all are there.....but baby Jesus.

We tore the house apart and Lincoln wasn't talking. My Mom found a guy in North Carolina and when we were there we found the guy and graciously sold us one baby Jesus.

After Indiana Jones we pick the kids up at my parents home and Reagan surprised us with Baby Jesus!! Lincoln had hid him inside a small tea pot in the play kitchen, even though I had looked there or so I thought......I knew he would turn up. When ever we went there we would ask Lincoln to show us where he was and he still wasn't talking.

I also think that our Baby Jesus looks George W. Bush.....what do you think?

On Monday we added a wood border to our play area. We still have to finish hammering in the rebarb into each wood section....its very labor intensive and much harder than it looks. If any of my friends that read my blog want to come over and help me I will gladly watch your kids for a date night with your hubby or I could make you a margarita?

I helped dig the trenches and hammer in stakes and we both took turns hammering in the rebarb. I'm very sore and tired and tomorrow I have more work to do. Wednesday we have bark chips delivered and it must be ready by then.

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