Monday, June 30, 2008

We adopted a puppy - - update new pics - -

Our new bulldog puppy at 4 weeks old.

He is so cute!!

Our puppy days old.

We broke down and adopted this bulldog puppy. He is 4 weeks old and we pick him up in another 4 weeks. Tim is still working on a name, he's never had a dog before and I told him years ago that if we ever got a dog that he can name the dog. He is a boy and we can't wait to see more picture's, I will update later today with updated picture's.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Play date with the mud

Reagan's friend Ian came over for a play date today and boy did they have fun. Lincoln had gone down for a nap, so we went outside and played in the mud. I didn't know this about Ian but he Loves the mud. Don't they look so cute playing in the mud.

So we turned on the hose and made construction mud, coffee mud, and mud soup. Ian then said, I'm all muddy (a complete understatement) and in my new clothes, but my Mom won't care. I said, "WHAT!" new clothes! So, I quickly changed him into his swim trunks and started soaking the muddy clothes.
The shirt didn't make it and will just be a play shirt. Vanessa said, "that's why I love Target." I love this woman.
They then slide down the slide after I got it wet and that was a blast. Its a true rocket slide when its all wet. Can't wait to do it again I'm sure.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Recent ER visit

Tim called me yesterday afternoon and said he was on his way to the ER. His doctor told him to go because he was having chest pains, fast pulse and not feeling well. I called my Dad and he got off work early (Mom is out of town) and he took the kids to their place.

I met Tim around 4:30pm at the ER. Triage nurse saw him, pulse 125 blood pressure 152 over 90.....not good. They did a quick EKG and the doc said it was normal just fast. So they sent us out to the waiting room because they had no beds. Under normal circumstances we would have gone right back. But because every person, child and mother was at the ER there were no beds. He didn't get back to a room until about 8 pm. They told him he was having a reaction to his new allergy steroid inhaler, they gave him a beta blocker and anti nausea medicine and sent him home.

I got home at 10:30pm, can you believe that? It took 4 hours for Tim to see a doctor!! He is doing much better, his Mom is a cardiac nurse and gave Tim another beta blocker today because he doesn't see his Doc till tomorrow and we have been monitoring his BP all day. His doctor is back from vacation tomorrow and he sees him at 3pm.

I have never seen the ER that full before!! This one woman got their and she just moved here, I told her she would have a better chance at another local but smaller hospital just 20 minutes away. After she saw the triage nurse I over heard the nurse asking an aid to take her to valet so she could go to the other hospital.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The week in review

Tim left last night and flew to NY with his Mom for a top secret family birthday party for his great uncle turning 90.

While he has been gone a container that couldn't contain its contents malfunctioned. It is a product used for Concrete & Masonry Cleaner/Etcher. Tim is going to seal the driveway and he has to use that for part of the process. However it must have happened overnight because it had turned into a science project gone wrong. I took a picture with my phone but I can't figure out how to put it on the computer. It was more than 3 feet long of a white bubbling mess. I had to scrap it off and then call the company and use vinegar and water to clean up the rest. It ate away at the top layer of the concert to expose what it looks like beneath....kinda like if you had x-ray vision. It would actually be very pretty if we could put a clear seal on it, which it will have to be sealed or painted or something.

I went to the doctor today, not a cold but really bad allergies.....they are having a party on the right side of my face, including my ear and throat, it is very weird to only have the right side of my face responding to the allergies this way. He put me on sudafed because where I live its a class 3 narcotic so the meth-heads can't make meth. He also put me on a new allergy drug called xyzal, not heard of it but hopefully it will help.

Oh and another bit of fun news, our niece Haley who modeled for Pottery Barn Kids, well in PBK stores are giant I mean humongous posters of her advertising the summer sale. Click here to see which picture it is. Tomorrow we are going to go to the PBK store to check it out and do some shopping.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lincoln speaks

The little bugger has finally decided it was time and is now saying everything. He will repeat almost anything you ask him to.

One word has eluded his vocabulary, his big sister's name. He has only called her "da ha", but this evening without being prompted he stopped in the hallway and pointed at Reagan's boot and said, "Reagaa's boot" we cheered, we clapped, it was a historic moment in our home.

He will also say his name "incon" pretty close and way too cute when he does say it.
This has been a very fun stage and instead of him saying the famous, no, its "no way", he is too much fun!!

This can't be good

I have allergies and a bad cold. I can't tell which one is causing each of my multitude of symptoms.
  • watery eyes
  • runny/stuffy nose -- that will not stop running no matter what type of cold or allergy drug I take
  • sneezey
  • itchy/scratchy throat
  • itchy/plugged ears
  • headache
  • foggy head/thinking
  • a slight and dry cough
  • slight nausea
  • I'm a little achy too
I can't get sick, Tim leaves tomorrow to a surprise 90th birthday for his great Uncle in NY (don't worry he knows there is a party....just a little bit larger that he might expect.....they didn't want to cause a heart attack). At least my parents are close and they can help.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Random Rants

Tim and I were watching a TV show the other night and we were eating ice cream.....he opted to just eat out of the carton.....there wasn't much left anyway. When he got up to throw it away, he looked at me in confusion and showed me the container. It had shrunk, like the bottom quarter of the ice cream container melted into the couch. It was really odd, because when I bought them they didn't look any different but then later it was definitely smaller. I did a little snooping on the Internet and found a news story on it.

Also random, do you remember buying potato chips in a box?

Saturday, June 7, 2008

picture's from the week

Reagan helped hammer in the last rebar stake into the border and into the ground.

She finally sat down and then handed me the hammer. The rebar is now holding the wood border in place, I finished it in about 1 hour....I was on a roll and didn't want to stop.

Lincoln was looking at his picture of himself from halloween and then exclaimed that he needed to wear his mickey costume. So, everyday this week he has worn mickey at one point during the day. This day he wanted to wear daddy's shoes and I quickly grabbed the camera......very cute!

Those are some big shoes to fill ;)

Monday, June 2, 2008

We are adopting

A bulldog that is. We filled out an application with the Cascade Bulldog Rescue/Rehome Inc.
Currently they only have one bulldog that would work with our family and she is in Helena, Mt and it would take us 2 days to get there so for now we wait.

Tim has always wanted a bulldog, he grew up with having mostly cats and we both aren't cat people. I had 2 dogs growing up as a kid, and Tim's Dad had a wiener dog but it was really his step mom's and when they divorced she got Jake.

So here we are waiting, we looked into getting a puppy but it came down to money.
Bulldog puppies are very expensive, like over $2,000!!! Plus if we can help rescue a bulldog, its worth it.