Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Play date with the mud

Reagan's friend Ian came over for a play date today and boy did they have fun. Lincoln had gone down for a nap, so we went outside and played in the mud. I didn't know this about Ian but he Loves the mud. Don't they look so cute playing in the mud.

So we turned on the hose and made construction mud, coffee mud, and mud soup. Ian then said, I'm all muddy (a complete understatement) and in my new clothes, but my Mom won't care. I said, "WHAT!" new clothes! So, I quickly changed him into his swim trunks and started soaking the muddy clothes.
The shirt didn't make it and will just be a play shirt. Vanessa said, "that's why I love Target." I love this woman.
They then slide down the slide after I got it wet and that was a blast. Its a true rocket slide when its all wet. Can't wait to do it again I'm sure.

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Scott and Shana said...

Wow, She is getting SO BIG!!