Monday, June 30, 2008

We adopted a puppy - - update new pics - -

Our new bulldog puppy at 4 weeks old.

He is so cute!!

Our puppy days old.

We broke down and adopted this bulldog puppy. He is 4 weeks old and we pick him up in another 4 weeks. Tim is still working on a name, he's never had a dog before and I told him years ago that if we ever got a dog that he can name the dog. He is a boy and we can't wait to see more picture's, I will update later today with updated picture's.


Scott and Shana said...

Too cute!

Tell Tim that I will help him get a good name.


Christy said...

Okay, he likes the name Ditka, Butkus, and Meathead...only to name a few.

The Shannons said...

I know he really likes Ditka and Butkus. This is an ENGLISH bulldog we are talking about. He needs a British name or something noble. I found this site that might help.

By the way he is too cute!

Scott and Shana said...

Here are my favorites:

Haggis (my fav)
Tavish (Scottish)
and Tank.

Lee Ann said...

I like Angus and Tank. Though Haggis can be called "Haggy!" He's cute. Looks like a rodent right now though...