Thursday, July 31, 2008

Reagan turns 5

These are the cupcakes I made, 30 on the plater and 16 that didn't make the cut.

Pink and Yellow cupcakes is what she wanted and that is what she got, so much easier than a Cinderella cake.

We met the kids at the elementary school close to our home and bus driver Al (aka Granddad or my Dad) picked us all up. Before we got on the bus, my Dad told the kids the rules for riding on the bus and to my surprise they all listened very quietly and were excellent riders, none of the kids had ever been on a school bus before.

Wave for the camera!!
From the left to right; Gracie, Chloe, Reagan, Dylan, Jedan, Sarah, Luke, Toby, Julia and Toby.
Lincoln had a little fit and refused to be in the picture.

Lincoln and Toby had to sit next to each other, Toby is like a big brother to Lincoln.

I love that you can see their reflection in the window.

Bus driver Al, took us to the river front park where we had the party. First up was a fish pinata. I will spare you all the individual picture's of all the kids taking a whack at the pinata.

Tim helped them out, he said next time he wouldn't put smarties in the pinata because when he hit it a lot of them broke open.

Mmmmm candy!

That's me in the pink, we played pin the wheel on the school bus, the kids loved it and Julia won.

This isn't Julia, this is Sarah but good try Sarah!! You like our mask, its a jet blue eye mask for the red eye flight, Tim brought it home from NY.

I can't believe she is 5, I have cried twice today, she is a whole hand, this is happening all too fast.

Chloe is in the blue and Luke is on the other side, both good friends.

There is it, a whole hand!!

Present time, I love how it is all the girls and the boys have somehow disappeared. From left to right, Sarah, Jedan, Reagan and Gracie.

Barbie, Reagan loves Barbie! I wasn't allowed to have a Barbie growing up, my Mom told me I wasn't allowed to have a doll that had a better figure than her. I think its a good idea if you ask me.

Oh, there are the boys in the back of this picture, Lincoln & Toby.

5 bucks from Nana & Granddad and 5 bucks from Great Grammie (Reagan and Great Grammie share the same birthday).

Reagan sitting with Granddad.

Lincoln with Granddad, he cried when the bus drove away, we had so much fun.

After cupcakes and presents, we walked to the other end of the park and played on the playground and then had a ride on the carousel. Then it was back to the bus for one last picture and back to the school.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Adventure's in Camping

Friday Tim was able to get off work a couple of hours early and we headed off to Detroit Lake.
Half way there I realize that I forgot the 2 bags of crackers and chips. So we made a quick stop at a super expensive and small grocery store to make up for it.

We get to our site and our friends come over and help us set up our tent. I'm pretty sure we have the smallest site, but we are next to the playground so I put up with it. After the tent is set up Reagan starts screaming and crying. Something has either bit or stung her and since there is no stinger we think she got bit. I put a band aide on it and give her some benadryl and accidentally spill the whole bottle. I'm really concerned about Reagan and her bite but can't figure out what it is that got her.

Tim goes off to the bathroom and Reagan is putting on long pants in the tent when I hear Lincoln screaming!! I turn around and he is sitting on the ground covered in what looks like giant black wasps. I pick him up and run for the bathroom screaming Tim's name. We went camping with 9 other families from our church so help was close by. One went to get the ranger and one brought me and the kids back to their site to calm down. In all Lincoln got stung 5 times and Tim was bit about 6 to 8 times. The park ranger came and sprayed the site and we were moved. Turns out they were bald faced hornets. Here is more info on them.

Below is a picture of our site after we left. Notice how close the playground is.

Below is a picture of our site and where the nest was and our tent. That really is the smallest camp site I have ever seen.

This is where the nest was and where Lincoln sat, I was very upset but was so glad that we were camping with friends. All the men came over and picked up our tent completely put together and walked it over to our new site, which wasn't very far. They moved all our stuff that we had unpacked and I could just sit and hold the crying kids. They were a big blessing and am thanking God they were there.

This was our new site on the last day so the tent was down but you can tell how large it was. I was taking a picture of the chipmunk holes, the kids just loved playing with them.

Here is a picture with our tent (actually it is Emily and Loren's...thanks for letting us borrow it). We had such a good time.

Lincoln on his rocket, he loved riding it around the camp.

Reagan being all funny on her little bike, she is almost ready for a real one.

Reagan being Reagan.

Lincoln making sure it everything still works.

Lincoln loved camping and being in the dirt, he loved chasing the chipmunks, climbing on everything and just being with nature.

Morning by the campfire.

Daddy and Reagan.

We went fishing twice and didn't catch anything, maybe next time.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The trip

Stay tuned, we are camping this weekend for the first time ever as a married couple (8 year wedding anniversary at the beginning of August) yet alone with the kids.

We have borrowed a tent, camp stove, and lantern.
We have fishing poles for all of us, even Lincoln.

I will let you know how it all goes, scary stories around the camp fire, smore's, all of us sleeping in one tent, wondering if I will have to take Reagan to the bathroom in the middle of the night in a dark camp ground or if I will just hold her over a bush and pray my feet don't get wet? It will be a new experience for us and the kids couldn't be happier.

My mother is particularly upset that we are fishing and are going to catch and release. She has visions of us ripping their mouths apart then sending them back to live as a miserable disabled fish who is no longer able to eat. I love my mother, I love to fish, but I don't eat fish, I have told her this all week. So before we left her house today she said, Reagan please bring me all the fish you catch. She thinks we will be savage fishermen, come on if the fish has a serious injury we aren't going to throw it back, but that doesn't matter to her. So Mom, if we do catch any fish, you can have them all at least the seriously injured ones that we couldn't throw back.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Reagan's 5 year old check up

Reagan is healthy, not a big surprise.
  • 10% for height and weight.
  • 20/30 vision
  • She passed her hearing test
  • Blood pressure was perfect.
She did have to get one shot, it was a companion shot for her Hepatitis A shot she got last year. She was also happy to hear that it would be her last shot for, are you ready for this.......10 years!!! When she is getting ready to get her permit to drive is when she needs shots again......its an odd feeling. She also doesn't have to go back to the doctor for her next check up until she is 7 years old. Where does the time go? She is such a joy and we are so grateful that God put her in our family!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Yellow bird

We had a very busy week last week. Reagan had swim camp everyday for an hour, and her 2nd cousin's were in town so there was a lot of playing and big family dinners happening. Reagan is a great swimmer, she can swim underwater, wear goggles, go down the big slide, float on her back and can do 10 bobs.

We went to the local children's museum, and while we waited for everyone to show up Reagan asked me, "Mom, what do you think if feels like to be a bird?" She hasn't asked that type of question before and I was tickled. We talked about the birds being light, flying high above everyone with the wind in our face, eating worms and bugs, building a nest with a beak and sitting on eggs. She then burst out laughing and talking and said, "I'm a yellow bird!" She for some reason thought it was really funny and just kept saying yellow bird. I laughed, Lincoln laughed and I'm not sure why we were all laughing but we were.

Targe*t charged me twice for some markers and I have to go back and get the money refunded, they told me they are going to have to look at the video surveillance to verify my story, I'm like its only $2.54, but go head big guy.

I also have gym*bucks and need to get in there and redeem them.

We are also getting ready for our first camping trip in the next couple of weeks. The kids have fishing polls, we are borrowing a tent, camp stove, and lantern. I have to figure out what type of foods the kids will eat and that I can make while camping without causing a big mess or be a big hassle to make.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Birthday Bus Invitations ---update at end---

For Reagan's 5th birthday my Dad is going to take her and her friends for a ride on a school bus. Our destination will be the park where we will have her party and then a ride back to the school. With my Dad's connections he was able to borrow a bus for a couple of hours. My Dad has a long history with school buses, before I was born he drove them and then later he was in charge of all the school buses in the state where we live. He is now retired but still maintains his license to drive them.

So, I used my silhouette cutting machine to cut out pieces for her birthday invitations. Here is a step by step process on how I did it.

I cut up blue card stock paper for the background, 5 x 7, and glued a gray piece along the bottom to be the road.

With the help of the silhouette I downloaded a school bus, in the program I was able to add the right amount of windows and make it a little larger to accommodate the wording. I then printed out the wording for the invitation on yellow card stock and glued that onto the bus.

I had picture's of her friends that we are inviting, I cropped them in photo shop to all be the same size of the bus windows or a little larger. I then used the photomerge option with photo shop and was able to put them all next to each other. This took the most time, getting them to the right size, and aligning them so all the faces could be seen.

I then glued the picture paper to the bus, and glued the bus to the blue background paper.

Using the silhouette again, I cut out black circles for tires and small white circles for the wheels. I tried it without the white wheels and it just looked funny. Using a 1/8 hole punch, make holes in the center of the black and white circles and punch a whole on the paper just below the bus where wheels would be.

I used a metal color grommet of 1/8 size to hold the wheels to the invitation

I have a crop a dial which I love and can't believe I lived without it.

I used the silhouette again and cut out a sun for the corner, on the other side of open sky I will put her friends name who the invitation is for. I really had a lot of fun designing this in my head and seeing it come to life. I may not be able to keep up on scrap booking but I love doing creative projects like this. I hope the kids have a good time.

I was having trouble putting the names on invitations, I finally went online to read the tips and tricks for the silhouette and found a new option of putting a ball point pen in the holder instead of the blade. I tested it out on another paper and it worked really well. Its hard to see but if you click on he picture you can see that its for Nana & Granddad. This is my new favorite feature because I really dislike my own hand writing.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Oscar Mayer

Tim just came to me after putting Lincoln to bed and said he needed to apologies to me. I said, what for and he said, "When I was changing Lincoln's diaper he pointed to his boy parts and asked, "whats dat." I told him that it was his weinieeeee. (it being pronounced at the end in a high pitch with the ie being drawn out. For the past 5 minutes we can hear him on the monitor saying it over and over and over and over, we can't stop laughing.

When the kids have asked about their private parts and what they are, we told them that they are their private parts. Girls have girl parts and boys have boy parts. When they are older they will learn the correct term but for right now they have private parts because well....they are private.

I was trying to save myself from any embarrassing moments in the grocery store with the kids yelling out the anatomically correct term. Its mostly for me, I grew up not knowing the terms and to this day its hard for me to say those words, I either want to giggle or look around in embarrassment. Tim's parents worked at the hospital and he knew the words before he could walk. He is a good husband and appeases me.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Random cell phone picture's

So, with Tim's help I was able to figure out how to get picture's off my cell phone. I used his micro SD card and copied the picture's to that, then connected his phone to my laptop and copied them to it.

Tim built this out of Lego's for me for mother's day.....I love this man!!

Faux-hawk Lincoln, our little punk rocker!!

This is the first picture that I was able to take on my phone and be able to send it to someone. We bought the phone unlocked and the text message feature didn't work, so I went without for about a year and finally after about 45 minutes on the phone with a lovely at&t technician woman and got it to work.

Reagan with curlers in her hair, my Mom gave her a bag of curlers to keep her busy.

I finally finished her doll closet.....pretty cute. I primed it, fixed the hole in the back and then stenciled the drawers.

She loves it!!

Lincoln eating a brownie, he actual fell asleep right after I took this picture.

This is the mess that a bottle of concrete cleaner left for me when it exploded. A science experiment gone wrong!!

Reagan showing off her winking abilities.

Baby Lincoln, he was about 3 months old.

Tim's brother Todd goofing off.

Reagan at 15 months old.

Lincoln weeks old.

I love it when babies look like old men.

Lincoln about an hour old, before we knew he was having trouble breathing.

Right before Lincoln was born.

Punk rock Lincoln sporting his faux-hawk.