Monday, July 28, 2008

Adventure's in Camping

Friday Tim was able to get off work a couple of hours early and we headed off to Detroit Lake.
Half way there I realize that I forgot the 2 bags of crackers and chips. So we made a quick stop at a super expensive and small grocery store to make up for it.

We get to our site and our friends come over and help us set up our tent. I'm pretty sure we have the smallest site, but we are next to the playground so I put up with it. After the tent is set up Reagan starts screaming and crying. Something has either bit or stung her and since there is no stinger we think she got bit. I put a band aide on it and give her some benadryl and accidentally spill the whole bottle. I'm really concerned about Reagan and her bite but can't figure out what it is that got her.

Tim goes off to the bathroom and Reagan is putting on long pants in the tent when I hear Lincoln screaming!! I turn around and he is sitting on the ground covered in what looks like giant black wasps. I pick him up and run for the bathroom screaming Tim's name. We went camping with 9 other families from our church so help was close by. One went to get the ranger and one brought me and the kids back to their site to calm down. In all Lincoln got stung 5 times and Tim was bit about 6 to 8 times. The park ranger came and sprayed the site and we were moved. Turns out they were bald faced hornets. Here is more info on them.

Below is a picture of our site after we left. Notice how close the playground is.

Below is a picture of our site and where the nest was and our tent. That really is the smallest camp site I have ever seen.

This is where the nest was and where Lincoln sat, I was very upset but was so glad that we were camping with friends. All the men came over and picked up our tent completely put together and walked it over to our new site, which wasn't very far. They moved all our stuff that we had unpacked and I could just sit and hold the crying kids. They were a big blessing and am thanking God they were there.

This was our new site on the last day so the tent was down but you can tell how large it was. I was taking a picture of the chipmunk holes, the kids just loved playing with them.

Here is a picture with our tent (actually it is Emily and Loren's...thanks for letting us borrow it). We had such a good time.

Lincoln on his rocket, he loved riding it around the camp.

Reagan being all funny on her little bike, she is almost ready for a real one.

Reagan being Reagan.

Lincoln making sure it everything still works.

Lincoln loved camping and being in the dirt, he loved chasing the chipmunks, climbing on everything and just being with nature.

Morning by the campfire.

Daddy and Reagan.

We went fishing twice and didn't catch anything, maybe next time.


Julie's Blog said...

I am glad what started out so badly ended much better. But it sure doesn't make me nostalgic to go camping.
Do your kids want to go camping again?


Lori Vernon said...

Oh Gosh! Makes me miss camping in Oregon during the summer!!!

Christy said...

Yes Julie, the kids do want to go camping and fishing again. Reagan prayed last night that she could go fishing again and catch the biggest fish. They both loved camping.