Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Back Home

We arrived on July 4th and went straight to the parade. This is where I had my picture taken with a fake bear, but the kids thought it was cool.

Shana marched with the other coast guard pilots, she is only female pilot in Sitka.

Shana with her proud Dad!

In small towns there are things that you don't understand unless you live in a small town. These are the Coho Queens, they all wore red wigs with tiara's and blue satin dresses, I think have to live here to understand it.

Too loud for Max, Mommy and Auntie LeeAnn fixed that.

On Saturday we went for a hike up to Beaver lake. It was 2.5 miles and was very beautiful. We didn't see any Bears, or animals either, just large slugs.

Lunch time on the lake.

Sunday was the Baptism at St. Peter's by the bay Episcopal church. It was a beautiful ceremony and I'm so glad that we were able to be there for it.

Max didn't cry, in fact he was a pretty happy baby.
The Godparents, Joe and Heather (Shana's Sister and Brother in Law) and LeeAnn and Tim (Scott's Sister and my Hubby).

The whole gang, aren't we a fun looking bunch.

Tim took some picture's of Max during the reception that turned out really well.

Max with his Daddy, what a happy baby!!

After church we all went out separate ways so the kids could take naps. After I did a little shopping, we headed over to Totem Park. Very cool and worth the hike.

This one is my favorite, I just like the guy at the top for some reason.

Big slug, that was for Lincoln.

We went fishing on Monday and didn't catch a thing. We went to Silver bay and saw hundreds of King Salmon about 30 to 40 pounds easy. But for some reason they could have cared less if we were there. They were taunting us and it was embarrassing. We trolled for a while but only caught jelly fish and Joe caught a log but it got away too. Tim says that is why it is called fishing and not catching. But we had a really fun time on the boat and I even got to steer it for about 2 minutes.

This Eagle was on the top of one of the boats at the docks, very beautiful.

On Tuesday morning we went to a part of the Island were bears are known and tried to see a bear before our flight left, but we didn't see anything.

We are home and the kids couldn't be happier. Tim has the rest of the week off and tomorrow we are going to the Zoo!!

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Julie's Blog said...

Wonderful pictures and comments, Christy. I like how you got it all down into one entry. I need to get going on my blog now.
We all had a nice time. Wasn't the weather a switcheroo, though, even just walking into Seattle from the plane you could feel the heat!