Sunday, July 13, 2008

Birthday Bus Invitations ---update at end---

For Reagan's 5th birthday my Dad is going to take her and her friends for a ride on a school bus. Our destination will be the park where we will have her party and then a ride back to the school. With my Dad's connections he was able to borrow a bus for a couple of hours. My Dad has a long history with school buses, before I was born he drove them and then later he was in charge of all the school buses in the state where we live. He is now retired but still maintains his license to drive them.

So, I used my silhouette cutting machine to cut out pieces for her birthday invitations. Here is a step by step process on how I did it.

I cut up blue card stock paper for the background, 5 x 7, and glued a gray piece along the bottom to be the road.

With the help of the silhouette I downloaded a school bus, in the program I was able to add the right amount of windows and make it a little larger to accommodate the wording. I then printed out the wording for the invitation on yellow card stock and glued that onto the bus.

I had picture's of her friends that we are inviting, I cropped them in photo shop to all be the same size of the bus windows or a little larger. I then used the photomerge option with photo shop and was able to put them all next to each other. This took the most time, getting them to the right size, and aligning them so all the faces could be seen.

I then glued the picture paper to the bus, and glued the bus to the blue background paper.

Using the silhouette again, I cut out black circles for tires and small white circles for the wheels. I tried it without the white wheels and it just looked funny. Using a 1/8 hole punch, make holes in the center of the black and white circles and punch a whole on the paper just below the bus where wheels would be.

I used a metal color grommet of 1/8 size to hold the wheels to the invitation

I have a crop a dial which I love and can't believe I lived without it.

I used the silhouette again and cut out a sun for the corner, on the other side of open sky I will put her friends name who the invitation is for. I really had a lot of fun designing this in my head and seeing it come to life. I may not be able to keep up on scrap booking but I love doing creative projects like this. I hope the kids have a good time.

I was having trouble putting the names on invitations, I finally went online to read the tips and tricks for the silhouette and found a new option of putting a ball point pen in the holder instead of the blade. I tested it out on another paper and it worked really well. Its hard to see but if you click on he picture you can see that its for Nana & Granddad. This is my new favorite feature because I really dislike my own hand writing.


Julie's Blog said...

WOW!! That is SO cool!!


Lori Vernon said...

Very Impressive!

Anonymous said...

Wow! And at one time I thought I could be creative!!

Your pictures don't do them justice.

Stormy C... is said...

Great invites, really neat!