Wednesday, July 2, 2008


We have been definitely feeling the money crunch with all this inflation or what ever you want to call it. I posted about cracker prices but I also want to share with you all the other ways we are being green and at the same time saving money.

  • I used my last roll of paper towels (my friend Lindsey inspired me to do this). I keep a small laundry basket in the kitchen with clean wash clothes, rags, microfiber towels and kitchen towels. So far we haven't had to do anymore loads of laundry than normal.
  • We only go to the park when it is along our route for running errands.
  • We have 2 memberships to a children's museum and the zoo, but they are both about 40 miles away and with gas prices as they are we just can't afford to go. It cost $72.00 to fill up the tank in our Honda odyssey.
  • Buying more off brand items at the grocery store.
  • Made homemade strawberry freezer jam.
  • We compost.
  • Planted 6 trees in our backyard.
  • Growing an organic garden.
  • Tim drives a prius.
  • Bring our own bags to the store, one store even takes off $.06 per bag off the total price that we bring in.
  • Making more homemade goods.
  • We have a recycle can and we use it.
  • More than half of the light bulbs are the energy efficient light bulbs.
  • We turn off the air/heating when we leave the house, even if its just for a couple of hours.
I have some questions about plastic and other green things.
  • What is wrong with plastic storage containers, such as ziploc and rubbermaid?
  • We use ziploc bags, what would the alternative be?
  • Plastic sippy cups...are they bad?
  • Some people say using a microwave is bad but I've also heard that using the microwave is better because it uses less energy.
Not green things we do.
  • We have allergies and need to use the air conditioner.
  • I don't buy all organic, its expensive.
  • I leave both the computers on for days.
  • I'm sure there are lots more, but for some reason I can't think of them.
I would love to take the wagon to the local grocery store, buts its a grocery store that is more expensive than the bargain one we normally shop. Its about a 2 mile walk up and down a big hill to the local one, or a 7 mile drive to bargain grocery store.

These are things I think about, maybe with the next child we will do cloth diapers....who knows.


The Shannons said...

I understand saving money but the whole "going green" thing is just odd. I understand not being wasteful that has nothing to do with being green its just smart. And about the turning the air off. That is great when everyone is out of the house just remember thats going to change when you get your puppy. And remember that Bulldogs are very sensitive to heat.

Christy said...

I didn't forget that bulldogs are sensitive to heat, these are just the things we are doing now and right now we don't have a dog. Even when we do turn the heat off for a couple of hours our house doesn't get too hot, its well insulated.
Tim wants me to call it Orange, too much green for him.
I agree it is being smart and sometimes its expensive to be smart.