Saturday, July 12, 2008

Oscar Mayer

Tim just came to me after putting Lincoln to bed and said he needed to apologies to me. I said, what for and he said, "When I was changing Lincoln's diaper he pointed to his boy parts and asked, "whats dat." I told him that it was his weinieeeee. (it being pronounced at the end in a high pitch with the ie being drawn out. For the past 5 minutes we can hear him on the monitor saying it over and over and over and over, we can't stop laughing.

When the kids have asked about their private parts and what they are, we told them that they are their private parts. Girls have girl parts and boys have boy parts. When they are older they will learn the correct term but for right now they have private parts because well....they are private.

I was trying to save myself from any embarrassing moments in the grocery store with the kids yelling out the anatomically correct term. Its mostly for me, I grew up not knowing the terms and to this day its hard for me to say those words, I either want to giggle or look around in embarrassment. Tim's parents worked at the hospital and he knew the words before he could walk. He is a good husband and appeases me.

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