Friday, July 11, 2008

Random cell phone picture's

So, with Tim's help I was able to figure out how to get picture's off my cell phone. I used his micro SD card and copied the picture's to that, then connected his phone to my laptop and copied them to it.

Tim built this out of Lego's for me for mother's day.....I love this man!!

Faux-hawk Lincoln, our little punk rocker!!

This is the first picture that I was able to take on my phone and be able to send it to someone. We bought the phone unlocked and the text message feature didn't work, so I went without for about a year and finally after about 45 minutes on the phone with a lovely at&t technician woman and got it to work.

Reagan with curlers in her hair, my Mom gave her a bag of curlers to keep her busy.

I finally finished her doll closet.....pretty cute. I primed it, fixed the hole in the back and then stenciled the drawers.

She loves it!!

Lincoln eating a brownie, he actual fell asleep right after I took this picture.

This is the mess that a bottle of concrete cleaner left for me when it exploded. A science experiment gone wrong!!

Reagan showing off her winking abilities.

Baby Lincoln, he was about 3 months old.

Tim's brother Todd goofing off.

Reagan at 15 months old.

Lincoln weeks old.

I love it when babies look like old men.

Lincoln about an hour old, before we knew he was having trouble breathing.

Right before Lincoln was born.

Punk rock Lincoln sporting his faux-hawk.

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Stormy C... is said...

My goodness, I LOVE her little dolly dresser/armoir. It turned out soo cute Christy!!