Thursday, July 31, 2008

Reagan turns 5

These are the cupcakes I made, 30 on the plater and 16 that didn't make the cut.

Pink and Yellow cupcakes is what she wanted and that is what she got, so much easier than a Cinderella cake.

We met the kids at the elementary school close to our home and bus driver Al (aka Granddad or my Dad) picked us all up. Before we got on the bus, my Dad told the kids the rules for riding on the bus and to my surprise they all listened very quietly and were excellent riders, none of the kids had ever been on a school bus before.

Wave for the camera!!
From the left to right; Gracie, Chloe, Reagan, Dylan, Jedan, Sarah, Luke, Toby, Julia and Toby.
Lincoln had a little fit and refused to be in the picture.

Lincoln and Toby had to sit next to each other, Toby is like a big brother to Lincoln.

I love that you can see their reflection in the window.

Bus driver Al, took us to the river front park where we had the party. First up was a fish pinata. I will spare you all the individual picture's of all the kids taking a whack at the pinata.

Tim helped them out, he said next time he wouldn't put smarties in the pinata because when he hit it a lot of them broke open.

Mmmmm candy!

That's me in the pink, we played pin the wheel on the school bus, the kids loved it and Julia won.

This isn't Julia, this is Sarah but good try Sarah!! You like our mask, its a jet blue eye mask for the red eye flight, Tim brought it home from NY.

I can't believe she is 5, I have cried twice today, she is a whole hand, this is happening all too fast.

Chloe is in the blue and Luke is on the other side, both good friends.

There is it, a whole hand!!

Present time, I love how it is all the girls and the boys have somehow disappeared. From left to right, Sarah, Jedan, Reagan and Gracie.

Barbie, Reagan loves Barbie! I wasn't allowed to have a Barbie growing up, my Mom told me I wasn't allowed to have a doll that had a better figure than her. I think its a good idea if you ask me.

Oh, there are the boys in the back of this picture, Lincoln & Toby.

5 bucks from Nana & Granddad and 5 bucks from Great Grammie (Reagan and Great Grammie share the same birthday).

Reagan sitting with Granddad.

Lincoln with Granddad, he cried when the bus drove away, we had so much fun.

After cupcakes and presents, we walked to the other end of the park and played on the playground and then had a ride on the carousel. Then it was back to the bus for one last picture and back to the school.

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Anonymous said...

I love the picture! The ones of the boys are especially cute!! Did you notice how in the reflection picture, it looks like Lincoln is wearing a headband in the reflection?
- Cyndi