Thursday, July 24, 2008

The trip

Stay tuned, we are camping this weekend for the first time ever as a married couple (8 year wedding anniversary at the beginning of August) yet alone with the kids.

We have borrowed a tent, camp stove, and lantern.
We have fishing poles for all of us, even Lincoln.

I will let you know how it all goes, scary stories around the camp fire, smore's, all of us sleeping in one tent, wondering if I will have to take Reagan to the bathroom in the middle of the night in a dark camp ground or if I will just hold her over a bush and pray my feet don't get wet? It will be a new experience for us and the kids couldn't be happier.

My mother is particularly upset that we are fishing and are going to catch and release. She has visions of us ripping their mouths apart then sending them back to live as a miserable disabled fish who is no longer able to eat. I love my mother, I love to fish, but I don't eat fish, I have told her this all week. So before we left her house today she said, Reagan please bring me all the fish you catch. She thinks we will be savage fishermen, come on if the fish has a serious injury we aren't going to throw it back, but that doesn't matter to her. So Mom, if we do catch any fish, you can have them all at least the seriously injured ones that we couldn't throw back.


Stormy C... is said...

Can't believe this is your first camping trip!! I figured you guys for campers.. Anyhow, hope you have a blast!! We love camping, although it is alot of work now that we have kids, we used to go alot before kiddos. You will love it I am sure.. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, guess we didn't have to be concerned about throwing back any injured fish, did we??? Maybe the "fish" were smarter than we give them credit, since they were swimming between your legs, but refused to take your bait. heh, heh, heh this could be a post from "mom"

Christy said...

Oh Mom, I love you!!