Monday, July 21, 2008

Yellow bird

We had a very busy week last week. Reagan had swim camp everyday for an hour, and her 2nd cousin's were in town so there was a lot of playing and big family dinners happening. Reagan is a great swimmer, she can swim underwater, wear goggles, go down the big slide, float on her back and can do 10 bobs.

We went to the local children's museum, and while we waited for everyone to show up Reagan asked me, "Mom, what do you think if feels like to be a bird?" She hasn't asked that type of question before and I was tickled. We talked about the birds being light, flying high above everyone with the wind in our face, eating worms and bugs, building a nest with a beak and sitting on eggs. She then burst out laughing and talking and said, "I'm a yellow bird!" She for some reason thought it was really funny and just kept saying yellow bird. I laughed, Lincoln laughed and I'm not sure why we were all laughing but we were.

Targe*t charged me twice for some markers and I have to go back and get the money refunded, they told me they are going to have to look at the video surveillance to verify my story, I'm like its only $2.54, but go head big guy.

I also have gym*bucks and need to get in there and redeem them.

We are also getting ready for our first camping trip in the next couple of weeks. The kids have fishing polls, we are borrowing a tent, camp stove, and lantern. I have to figure out what type of foods the kids will eat and that I can make while camping without causing a big mess or be a big hassle to make.

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