Saturday, August 30, 2008


The computer expert was able to save our computer, he doesn't think it was a virus and truthfully isn't sure what caused the problem. He was able to back up the hard drive and then had to erase it and start over. So we lost some of our software but we have most of the cd's to reinstall those programs. I think we are going to get a new flat screen to save space. We might even get the computer back today.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Negative safe mode

We are having major technical difficulties with our main desktop computer. It has gone into hard drive failure and is currently in the hospital in the ICU. The doctor's assure me that its probably just a virus and he most likely will be able to recover 95% of our picture's, music and documents. We told him that we are most concerned about our picture's that we have rarely backed up.

Tim couldn't even get the computer to go to the log in screen, it just kept restarting itself over and over, none of the safe modes worked. We are just functioning on my laptop that is almost 3 years old.....and that is old in laptop years.

We try not to think about the picture's that could be lost, it is too heart hurts.

In other news, the dog is having all solid poop. I know you were dying to know. Reagan starts school in 5 days, and everyday she has us count down at least 20 times a day.

I will post an update about our computer when I hear from Dr. Dave....that is just what I call him.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

State Fair - - - more pic's

I uploaded more picture's than normal for my friend Lori who is a missionary with her husband and 1 year old daughter in Thailand. She is missing the state fair so there are extra picture's on here just for her.

The swings, took this picture just for Lori, doesn't it look like a lot of fun!!

Looking at mama pig & piglets.

Baby chicks, Lincoln could have stayed here all day.....not joking.

Just hatched.

I love the cake decorating, this was Reagan's favorite.

This Bee hive cake was my favorite.

This garden cake won first place.

This one was really neat looking.

Free cookie decorating table, Lincoln's cookie with frosting.

Reagan's frosting with a cookie :)

This was the free toddler zone, with free diapers and changing area, free samples and cold bottled water. I think every mall, fair, airport, hotel, should have a place like this. They also had a preschool area for older kids to color, play puzzles, and read books.

Behind Reagan is the giveaway table with loads of samples to take home. I told Reagan she could only play on the soft toys when the little kids had cleared out a bit.

It was OSU day at the fair and the kids weren't really happy until we found Benny the Beaver, they love Benny.

We went to the doodlebops concert, it was only $5 per person and the concert lasted an hour. The must have been hot because they were hardly all on the stage at the same time.

Rooney, the one with the blue hair on the left was the understudy, the real Rooney had strep throat. Deedee was the star of the show, she had the most solo's, with Mo only doing 2 I think. 20 minutes after it started Lincoln was done and wanted to go home, Tim took him for a walk in the stroller and fell asleep in 10 minutes.

This is my favorite picture of the whole day, doesn't she look excited to eat that elephant ear. They told me this was a small one. This picture was also taken just for Lori.

These chicken's were so funny, you can't really see in this picture, but they have a funny feather hair do on their head.

Reagan, Tim, Nana Sue, and Lincoln all went on the chair lift ride. It takes you from one end of the park to the other and you get a really neat perspective of the whole fair.

Nana Sue and Lincoln. I stayed with the stroller.

Next was the great American duck race.

I guess this is really big in New Mexico, people actually do this as a competition and win money.

We are heading out at this point. It got really cloudy and it started to sprinkle so we thought it was time to head home. We left at the right time, after we got in the car is started to down pour.

More rides.
Good bye until next year!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Here is a picture of Ditka, he is 11 weeks on Monday. I have been watching a lot of the Dog Whisperer on the national geographic channel. Ceaser has taught me a lot in just a few episodes and things are getting better with Ditka.

Reagan at ballet, she is so cute!!

Tim gave the kids marker tattoo's while I was in the shower, this is Lincoln saying, it didn't hurt a bit Mom....I promise.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


That is what Reagan calls her devotions. We have a children's daily devotion that goes along with the calender and today's was on missing a loved one when they die. I talked to Reagan about when her Papa died (Tim's Dad died 5 years ago in December) and she said, "yup, we all are gonna die, and when I do I'm gonna meet Jesus and go fishing with my Papa, play the banjo with Big Granddad and go swimming all day in a pink swim suite."

I said wow Reagan that sounds great. I told her that it makes me sad and cry when people we love die, and she said why? I told her I was going to miss them and it might be a while before I see them again. Remember Reagan is 5 years old. "Mom, but you need to remember that we will be with Jesus," I said I know but its hard to wait sometimes and she says, "That is why God tells us to have patience, don't worry Mom, Heaven will be fun!"

She is incredible, God has big plans for her life....its amazing that I/we get to guide her and be apart of all this.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Okay, so yesterday Ditka's droppings were mostly soild, today its much worse....blood. So, I had to....gulp...get a sample and go quickly to the vet for tests. He has some sort of parasite that he got from the river....poor guy. We are off in a little bit to get his antibiotics.

So, the kids just freaked out because on Sunday Aug 24th the Doodlebops will be at the State Fair and the kids went nuts. We went one time to Sesame Street Live when Reagan was 2 years old.
I'm sure Tim and I will be rolling our eyes the entire time, but its the fair and it will be fun.

Now if it were the Barenaked Ladies performing snacktime, we would be first in line!!! We love snack time, Lincoln's favorite is Pop and Reagan likes the one about the wolfs and they both love Allergies.

Monday, August 18, 2008

10 things

I love about this week

  1. My brother and his wife are having a baby in April.
  2. Ditka sleeps through the night.
  3. Ditka's droppings are mostly solid.
  4. 2 days ago it was 100 degrees and today is was barely in the 70's, but it made for some cool thunder and those storms.
  5. Even though it rained the temperature is perfect for keeping the back door open without feeling guilty about the air conditioner.
  6. The state fair starts next week.
  7. My Aunt and Uncle brought us fresh nectarines....mmm so good.
  8. Lincoln loves playing with Ditka
  9. I got a new purse, a coke exploded in my last TJ Max.
  10. I love watching the Olympics, especially gymnastics, swimming, and track.
That was hard at the end.

This picture is from our adventure hike that Reagan insisted we go on, we ended up down by the river. We almost didn't go because there was a sign posted that a cougar had been seen about 3 weeks ago. We didn't make a big deal about it and just made extra noise on the trail, not even a mile. I felt kinda bad later, because Reagan woke up this morning telling me she had a nightmare about cougars and wanted to know if they could get in our house or back yard. She is all of a sudden very concerned about everything....I hope its a stage.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


As I was going outside this morning, I put on my left shoe and it felt a little funny and I heard a little noise....I then thought....I should look in my shoe. My shoe's had been outside all night which is common. Tim had sprayed for spiders the weekend before, not too worried. I take off my shoe and I slowly peep at the toe portion and there is a huge spider staring back at me. I proceed to FREAK OUT, hand Tim my shoe and he says, yeah that is a big spider. He nonchalantly says, I hope its not a Hobo Spider. This is what was in my shoe.....a male hobo spider.

I learned that 50% of all bites are dry, so no venom, my foot or my toes don't have any marks that would indicate a bite. However, that doesn't stop me from thinking my foot is tingling or itchy because my head is playing games with me. We put the spider in a food storage container, and I think we are suppose to put it in the freezer.

We also have 10 wasps or jellow jacket nests on the eves of our house. Tonight he is going to spray them and hopefully it will get rid of them.

It is the hottest weekend of the summer, at 9 am it was 72 degrees and now its 2:30 pm and its 95 degrees......its gonna be a hot one.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Its been a beautiful day!!!

We had lunch with Tim today and he was able to show his coworkers Ditka. We then went and got lunch at burgerville and then went to a local park to have lunch.

On the way home I checked our home messages and the Maytag guy called and the part was in for the washer and could I call to set up an appointment. I call and set up an appointment for tomorrow. I get home and there is another message asking me to call and then can come out in a couple of hours. I call right back and I am now listening to the best sound ever.....a working washing machine in our home!!! I don't have to go back to the least as it stays working.

Here are some picture's of Ditka, he is 9 weeks old and is biting us and everything like crazy, and it hurts!!!! Any suggestions would be great!!

Here is a picture of our garden, its getting huge, we ate our first cucumber of the summer from it tonight. We have at least 5 pumpkins and tons and tons of Tomatoes....but they are still green.
I love having a garden!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

I have green fatigue

The maytag guy came today and told me that the problem is the main board on my washer. He said it would take at least a week maybe 2 weeks for the part to get here.....I'm not happy!! Luckily we purchased the extended warranty for about $100, well worth it. Since if we didn't have it, it would cost $90 for the guy to just come out and diagnose it and then we would have to pay for the part separately which is about $300 bucks. It expires in September and to renew it this time is about $300, we are not going to renew it. If it breaks again we will just get a different washer.

So, since we are sans a washer, we have purchased paper towels, a costco bunch to be exact. With a new puppy, we are having some accidents in the house...but only urine, not the gross runny number 2. Since we can't do laundry daily.....if at all for many days, then we can't have stinky towels lying around.

Reagan and I went to the laundromat today and it was surprisingly quick, I used 2 mega sized washers and 2 smaller ones all at the same time and then only 3 dryers. I was done in an hour and a half, I was plesantly surprised. Reagan helped put in the quarters, load and unload and while we waited, she played her new leapster (we got it on clearance for $48 at target for her b-day) and I read the new People magazine.

The hard part for me with laundry has always been to put it away. At least it is all nicely folded.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Vacation week

We went to the beach to visit our great friends Scott & Shana and their two beautiful kids Madison and Max. They are on the move from Alaska to Arizona. They were staying at his parents beach house for a couple of days, so we went to spend part of the day with them at Bella Beach.

Lincoln when we first got there, he loves the sand.

Shana & Max, this is where you can typically find Max....close to Mom.

Us, our happy family....we love the beach.

Just digging and stuff.

Hi Scott!

Reagan desperately wanted to swim in the ocean, so we went down to test the waters and well, of course she loved it, that girl loves the cold. Lincoln hated it and didn't want Reagan even remotely close to the water. He must have good intuition.

Tim & Ditka, this is typically where you can find Ditka, close to Tim :)

Happy Max.

Happy Madie.

Happy family.

Hi Lincoln!

So, Reagan was throwing rocks into the waves and she fell over and got caught in a sneaker wave. Thank God, her godfather Scott (former life guard) was there to scoop her up and hand her to me. We were all shaken but trying to laugh it off and cheer Reagan up, but she wasn't having it. I'm such a good Mom, I take a picture of her when she is all wet and unhappy, I don't want her to forget how scared she was and how much it truly scared us all. We went back to the beach house, gave her a nice warm bubble bath and she was all better.

Our washing machine has been broken since Saturday, the maytag man comes tomorrow. I posted our problem on a fix it website but no luck, just in case you know how to fix Maytag Neptune TL washing machines, here is the link. There is a complete description of the problem.

There is so much to catch up on, like how Reagan says she wants summer to be over so she can start pre-k and everyday we count how many days left. Or how Lincoln loves having a dog and gets insanely jealous when other people hold or pet Ditka.

Or how disgusting puppy poop is, mostly because we are switching his food to blue buffalo puppy food which is all holistic. Tim is super tired from getting up with the dog every night to take him out, when will the dog be able to hold it all night, and doggy diapers don't sound too bad when you are sleep deprived?

It was our anniversary earlier this week, 8 years and still going. My big brother Del and his beautiful wife Beth just celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary, we love them and are so thankful to have good examples of marriage in our life.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


We picked Ditka up today and he only had one accident in the car on the way home.

Isn't he cute, oh he is so much fun.

Reagan told Tim "Daddy, I think I like Ditka more than I like my bike and I like my bike a lot!"

He played hard and is currently napping.