Friday, August 8, 2008

I have green fatigue

The maytag guy came today and told me that the problem is the main board on my washer. He said it would take at least a week maybe 2 weeks for the part to get here.....I'm not happy!! Luckily we purchased the extended warranty for about $100, well worth it. Since if we didn't have it, it would cost $90 for the guy to just come out and diagnose it and then we would have to pay for the part separately which is about $300 bucks. It expires in September and to renew it this time is about $300, we are not going to renew it. If it breaks again we will just get a different washer.

So, since we are sans a washer, we have purchased paper towels, a costco bunch to be exact. With a new puppy, we are having some accidents in the house...but only urine, not the gross runny number 2. Since we can't do laundry daily.....if at all for many days, then we can't have stinky towels lying around.

Reagan and I went to the laundromat today and it was surprisingly quick, I used 2 mega sized washers and 2 smaller ones all at the same time and then only 3 dryers. I was done in an hour and a half, I was plesantly surprised. Reagan helped put in the quarters, load and unload and while we waited, she played her new leapster (we got it on clearance for $48 at target for her b-day) and I read the new People magazine.

The hard part for me with laundry has always been to put it away. At least it is all nicely folded.

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