Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Its been a beautiful day!!!

We had lunch with Tim today and he was able to show his coworkers Ditka. We then went and got lunch at burgerville and then went to a local park to have lunch.

On the way home I checked our home messages and the Maytag guy called and the part was in for the washer and could I call to set up an appointment. I call and set up an appointment for tomorrow. I get home and there is another message asking me to call and then can come out in a couple of hours. I call right back and I am now listening to the best sound ever.....a working washing machine in our home!!! I don't have to go back to the laundromat....at least as it stays working.

Here are some picture's of Ditka, he is 9 weeks old and is biting us and everything like crazy, and it hurts!!!! Any suggestions would be great!!

Here is a picture of our garden, its getting huge, we ate our first cucumber of the summer from it tonight. We have at least 5 pumpkins and tons and tons of Tomatoes....but they are still green.
I love having a garden!!!


The Shannons said...

We really don't have a problem with the dogs biting us. But from what I've read its about dominance, you need to let Ditka know that all the humans are alphas and he is the beta. One idea I heard was a squirt bottle, that can be very corrective method. My strongest advice is for you to go to Petsmart and talk with the trainers there. They really helped us out and not just in class, if you just ask for the trainer they should help you out. They have all kinds of helpful ideas.

Christy said...

I think most of it is due to his puppy teeth. I think petsmart is a good idea too.