Sunday, August 24, 2008

State Fair - - - more pic's

I uploaded more picture's than normal for my friend Lori who is a missionary with her husband and 1 year old daughter in Thailand. She is missing the state fair so there are extra picture's on here just for her.

The swings, took this picture just for Lori, doesn't it look like a lot of fun!!

Looking at mama pig & piglets.

Baby chicks, Lincoln could have stayed here all day.....not joking.

Just hatched.

I love the cake decorating, this was Reagan's favorite.

This Bee hive cake was my favorite.

This garden cake won first place.

This one was really neat looking.

Free cookie decorating table, Lincoln's cookie with frosting.

Reagan's frosting with a cookie :)

This was the free toddler zone, with free diapers and changing area, free samples and cold bottled water. I think every mall, fair, airport, hotel, should have a place like this. They also had a preschool area for older kids to color, play puzzles, and read books.

Behind Reagan is the giveaway table with loads of samples to take home. I told Reagan she could only play on the soft toys when the little kids had cleared out a bit.

It was OSU day at the fair and the kids weren't really happy until we found Benny the Beaver, they love Benny.

We went to the doodlebops concert, it was only $5 per person and the concert lasted an hour. The must have been hot because they were hardly all on the stage at the same time.

Rooney, the one with the blue hair on the left was the understudy, the real Rooney had strep throat. Deedee was the star of the show, she had the most solo's, with Mo only doing 2 I think. 20 minutes after it started Lincoln was done and wanted to go home, Tim took him for a walk in the stroller and fell asleep in 10 minutes.

This is my favorite picture of the whole day, doesn't she look excited to eat that elephant ear. They told me this was a small one. This picture was also taken just for Lori.

These chicken's were so funny, you can't really see in this picture, but they have a funny feather hair do on their head.

Reagan, Tim, Nana Sue, and Lincoln all went on the chair lift ride. It takes you from one end of the park to the other and you get a really neat perspective of the whole fair.

Nana Sue and Lincoln. I stayed with the stroller.

Next was the great American duck race.

I guess this is really big in New Mexico, people actually do this as a competition and win money.

We are heading out at this point. It got really cloudy and it started to sprinkle so we thought it was time to head home. We left at the right time, after we got in the car is started to down pour.

More rides.
Good bye until next year!!

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Lori Vernon said...

WOW- those are awesome! Thanks for sharing. The cakes made my heart happy...and the chickens with the funny hair were great too! Wish I could have been there!