Thursday, August 7, 2008

Vacation week

We went to the beach to visit our great friends Scott & Shana and their two beautiful kids Madison and Max. They are on the move from Alaska to Arizona. They were staying at his parents beach house for a couple of days, so we went to spend part of the day with them at Bella Beach.

Lincoln when we first got there, he loves the sand.

Shana & Max, this is where you can typically find Max....close to Mom.

Us, our happy family....we love the beach.

Just digging and stuff.

Hi Scott!

Reagan desperately wanted to swim in the ocean, so we went down to test the waters and well, of course she loved it, that girl loves the cold. Lincoln hated it and didn't want Reagan even remotely close to the water. He must have good intuition.

Tim & Ditka, this is typically where you can find Ditka, close to Tim :)

Happy Max.

Happy Madie.

Happy family.

Hi Lincoln!

So, Reagan was throwing rocks into the waves and she fell over and got caught in a sneaker wave. Thank God, her godfather Scott (former life guard) was there to scoop her up and hand her to me. We were all shaken but trying to laugh it off and cheer Reagan up, but she wasn't having it. I'm such a good Mom, I take a picture of her when she is all wet and unhappy, I don't want her to forget how scared she was and how much it truly scared us all. We went back to the beach house, gave her a nice warm bubble bath and she was all better.

Our washing machine has been broken since Saturday, the maytag man comes tomorrow. I posted our problem on a fix it website but no luck, just in case you know how to fix Maytag Neptune TL washing machines, here is the link. There is a complete description of the problem.

There is so much to catch up on, like how Reagan says she wants summer to be over so she can start pre-k and everyday we count how many days left. Or how Lincoln loves having a dog and gets insanely jealous when other people hold or pet Ditka.

Or how disgusting puppy poop is, mostly because we are switching his food to blue buffalo puppy food which is all holistic. Tim is super tired from getting up with the dog every night to take him out, when will the dog be able to hold it all night, and doggy diapers don't sound too bad when you are sleep deprived?

It was our anniversary earlier this week, 8 years and still going. My big brother Del and his beautiful wife Beth just celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary, we love them and are so thankful to have good examples of marriage in our life.

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Scott and Shana said...

We had such a wonderful time with you guys! We are truly blessed to have such great friends. Reagan was a total sweetheart and Lincoln and Madison got along so well, too. We miss you all very much.

California is too hot.