Thursday, August 21, 2008


That is what Reagan calls her devotions. We have a children's daily devotion that goes along with the calender and today's was on missing a loved one when they die. I talked to Reagan about when her Papa died (Tim's Dad died 5 years ago in December) and she said, "yup, we all are gonna die, and when I do I'm gonna meet Jesus and go fishing with my Papa, play the banjo with Big Granddad and go swimming all day in a pink swim suite."

I said wow Reagan that sounds great. I told her that it makes me sad and cry when people we love die, and she said why? I told her I was going to miss them and it might be a while before I see them again. Remember Reagan is 5 years old. "Mom, but you need to remember that we will be with Jesus," I said I know but its hard to wait sometimes and she says, "That is why God tells us to have patience, don't worry Mom, Heaven will be fun!"

She is incredible, God has big plans for her life....its amazing that I/we get to guide her and be apart of all this.