Monday, September 1, 2008

Maytag Man = Myth

Our washing machine has died again. They came back from the first time because the screen wasn't responding quickly enough. Came back and of course it worked fine, they adjusted some other buttons that weren't working and said, call me if it happens again. Sunday I went to do a load of towels and went straight into its psycho blinking screen with the tub trying to spin.........arghhhh.
They are coming Tuesday afternoon. It isn't the Maytag man, it is a local repair place that is contracted with Maytag.
I'm breathing.

Our computer is back but now it is a brand new computer 4 years ago and we have to update it with 3 different service packs. We can't find the keyboard install cd so we are back to the original keyboard. Tim is beyond frustrated, I keep reminding him how much money we are saving but I don't think it is working.


Scott and Shana said...

Sell the washing machine and buy a mac. =)

The Shannons said...

You don't need a CD to install your keyboard you should be able to find the needed files on the internet. I am positive they are there. Our Dr.s appointment is Thursday @ 9:30.
We will do our best to blog about it right after.

Julie's Blog said...

Love your comment, Scott.

Christy said...

He would love to buy a mac.
When we were at the laundromat, Tim said, lets buy one of these industrial ones....I don't think its a bad idea.