Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My secret weapon

This is my Grabber and I love it. I use it to mostly to pick up the toys. I love it, I can also reach things up high in the kitchen or the pantry, I'm only 5 feet 2 inches on a good day so I need the extra reach. It seems funny to own something that is many marketed for older people but I love my grabber.

My friends think I'm weird but I love it, it saves my back and it really works. I showed my sister in law Leah and she thought it was hilarious, we were stacking cans in the kitchen and having somewhat of an agility/skills contest with the grabber. I mailed her one, I hope she has fun with it. Don't buy it on amazon if you don't have to, I got it at Target for maybe $8 in the "as seen on TV isle", you know with Billy Mays...he sells everything. I think you can also get them at Walgreen's.

Reagan says I need one for the car but I tell her that would be too dangerous.

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Her said...

lol I am seriously cracking up. You are too funny.