Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Republican Swag from convention

This is a very small portion of the Republican swag my Mom received when she went to the convention. She gave this stuff to the kids. She bought the "Wee Publican" t-shirt for the kids and some of the buttons. There is a pin from AT&T but I couldn't get a close enough and clear picture of it. Its an elephant rowing a boat.

I wear the heart Sarah Palin button almost everyday, and everywhere I go I have received positive feedback. In the other button Sarah reminds me of Tina Fay.

The heart button says, "The Life of the PARTY" Republican National Convention, St. Paul, MN 2008. It lights up and both kids love that button, they each have their own and where them often.

She also brought us back AT&T canvas back pack bags, the lanyard she used and a McCain Palin hand sign that was waved around during the convention. I was hoping for a McCain Palin bumper sticker but I will just have to find a local campaign office.

I'm hoping to go to the next convention in 4 years. I have already started to recruit my neighbors to be precinct committee people and to vote for me to be a Delegate. I don't even know where the next convention will be, but I don't care, Reagan told me she wants to go too.

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