Monday, September 15, 2008

Special teams

That is what my washer looks like, its not my actual washer but that is exactly the same model.
There are 2 teams working on fixing my washing machine. One from Maytag, the service technician senior guys and one from Maytag dependability plus.

The one team from Maytag is actually trying to fix it some where not here. I'm not sure what actually goes on in this team, if they have an actual model on hand and then they start to trouble shoot the problem or they just make suggestions to the local repair guys. But I think they are actually starting to take me seriously when I tell them that I can't live this way.

The team from Maytag dependability plus is who the extended warranty is through. Their team is looking into this to make sure they don't have to replace or pay for a new machine. So, I'm sure they are calling Maytag and saying fix her machine and fix it now. At least that is what I hope they are saying. I'm told that I should hear back from the dependability plus people in 3 to 5 working business most likely next week.

I think I'm going to try a different laundromat, the one I have been using was fine at first....but it is so grimy and if anything falls on the floor that isn't a sock just has to be washed again because it is so nasty!! Plus last time I went it was packed and there was only one other person who spoke English and well, he was talking to himself the whole time but he was either whispering or just mouthing the words.... a little creepy. I was definitely more comfortable with the nice Hispanic family who's child was running around the place hitting everyone with a sock. I may not have been able to understand them but heck....they didn't creep me out.

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