Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Today ---- update

  • Today the washing machine repair guys come and will hopefully fix my washing machine and it won't break down again!! That happens anywhere between 11am and 1pm.
The nice repair man is here and when he opened the new part....you guessed it....its broken. He is going to replace the second part and see if that fix's the problem. I think I could cry, all I want is for it to work, I would love to go out and buy a new washing machine but money is tight and all this repair work is only costing me my sanity and many visits to the laundromat and my parents and in laws home. Second part didn't fix the problem, my awesome Dad came by and picked up a load to wash....I love my parents!!
  • I'm making homemade tomato paste with the abundance of tomatoes from the garden.
    The paste is cooling in the fridge.
  • Reagan needs her hair trimmed, school picture's are tomorrow. Hair is cut and it is cute, short and cute!
  • All out of Lincoln's yogurt. Didn't get to the store, must go after Tim gets home.
  • Sally our beloved house cleaner....she really is so much more than that, but she is sick and can't come today....get better soon Sally!! That means I need to change the sheets and vacuum upstairs.
  • The kids and I are building a barn out of large popsicle sticks, but it is a small barn. We need to finish putting on the roof with hot glue and regular elmer's glue. Finished the barn, I will post pictures later.
  • We joined a gym, Tim goes swimming every morning before work...they open at 5am. I do a couple different group work outs. Yesterday I did something called group power. Its in a large room and everyone gets a bar and can choose how much weight they want to put on the bar if any at all. We work every part of out body and listen to loud music and it feels like aerobics but its not, we do killer abs and boy are my abs hurting. I also do cardio on the elliptical and can do 10 minute miles, I have only gone 4 miles....and that kicks my hind end too. The next thing I want to try is a spinning class, I'm not sure if I'm brave enough. The best part is that they have childcare for 2 hours.....heaven.
That's today, how's your today going?

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