Saturday, September 13, 2008

You'll never update

My washer is broken again. The exact same thing. Something else that is weird.....every time it has broken, has been on a Saturday. Maybe I'm not suppose to be doing laundry on the weekends.....that's it...I'm working too hard. I called repair place and they said they will call Maytag on Monday and try to figure something out??? We have the extended warranty, I wish they could just cut me a check today but I'm pretty sure they have to replace the part 3 times before they will give up. Right now it has been replaced twice, only one more time. I'm not sure what I'm rooting for, for it to break one more time or for it to work great.....its a hard one, I would love a new washing machine, but at the same time I hate being without one. I just want the dummy to work, all it has to do is wash our that too much to ask of a washing machine???

Okay enough said. Onto more fun topics.

Ditka made it up on the slide yesterday and it was very cute.

I'm pretty sure he is what am I going to do?

Reagan started fall soccer today with her friend Ian....(by the way, she told me she isn't going to marry him anymore)

Here she is holding hands with Ian, I think they were trying to help each other balance while they had one foot on the ball...what team work guys!!

Update-----I forgot to mention that Tim and Ian's Dad Rob are going to be the c0-coaches. I think the kids are more excited about their Dad's coaching than actually playing soccer.-----

I love this picture, all the kids lined cute.

After soccer we changed our clothes and went to the OSU vs. Hawaii game at OSU. We sat, in the end zone 2nd row, and no one sat in front. Our friend who has the sky box called us and asked if we wanted to come up for a visit at half time.....who would ever pass that up I'm not sure. The kids thought it was GREAT!!

Go Beavs!!! We won, 45 to 7. It was so much fun being in the end zone for the first half of the game.

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