Sunday, October 5, 2008

--- Prayer in Bosnia & Vienna --- update at end

I had this great post I was going to write about, seeing my brother and his wife over the weekend in Seattle and all the fun we had....which we did. But something else has happened that I must tell you all about. I will post the other picture's once this ordeal has calmed down.

Okay, last Tuesday my Mom left for Bosnia with her very good and long time friend, her friends husband and her friends sister's to go to Mudugorje. That is a place where people have seen the virgin Mary, we aren't catholic but my Mom's friend is and having the opportunity to go she took it.

I think it was Saturday Morning or afternoon their time, my Mom's friend, (we will call her Janet) was taking a picture and needed to back up to get a better shot and when she did, she didn't notice a small wall at about knee height. The fell backwards, did a complete backwards flip down a 10 foot cliff and landed on her back. Her head landed between two rocks and was a miracle she didn't hit either one.

Took her to the hospital by ambulance, they x-rayed her and they said she doesn't have any broken bones. However, the x-ray machine was probably from when they were first invented and can't be trusted. The lights at the hospital were hanging down by a single electrical wire and wasn't a place where you would want to be taken care of.

They discharged her and they all went back to where they were staying. It became clear to my Mom (who has broken her back) that something else wasn't right and that they needed to get her out of the country to another hospital with more training.

She called my Dad, who called our State's Republican National committee woman, who called our Congressman's assistant, who called the U.S. Embassy. (You also should know that Janet is a very well respected local lobbyist and my Mom use to be a State Senator). They were hitting some red tape when the Congressman had an idea, he knows personally a man who owns an international helicopter company that has office's all over the world. He called him and told them of the situation and he said that he could help them. He also knows Janet and my Mom.

The hard part about this is that we don't have a phone number that we can call my Mom, so we are waiting for her to call us, so we can give her the good news. Meanwhile, the owner calls me on my cell (how he got my number I'm not sure) and said, "if your Mom has any problems with the office that is helping them to please call him on his personal cell phone and he will take care of it".

My Mom calls my Dad, he relays all the information, and my Mom calls this number and the lady says that only Janet can go and she said, well the owner said that 3 of us are going, (Janet, her husband and my Mom.) And you can call him on his personal cell to verify that. She puts my Mom on hold and comes back and says, no you are right, the 3 of you will be picked up in the morning (Monday) and be flown to Vienna, Austria.

Can you imagine, being in Bosnia, you can't sit up, you can't take the pain medicine because you are allergic and they don't have the right ones for you. All the pain she is in, she can't do anything. This woman has built so many trusted relationships over the years and all these amazing people that are coming together to help her. This is such a God thing!!!

I was able to speak to my Mom at 11pm Sunday night her time, and let her know all the amazing things that are being done to get Janet the help she needs. She cried and said that she can't believe it either. She then told me to call the owner of the helicopter company back and to thank him, and let him know they are going to Vienna in the morning. I told my Mom I loved her and she said she loved me too and that she would call me when she got to Vienna and we hung up.

I called the owner on his cell and he said, "yes, is this Marylin's daughter (that's my mom's name), I said yes it is and I just wanted to let you know that I talked with my Mom and that they are being picked up tomorrow morning and being flow to Vienna, Austria. He said good, and I thanked him and told him my Mom was crying she was so grateful for what he is doing. He said well, we need to get those girls out of there and he was glad he could help.

Again, I feel like I'm in some movie, this is all very surreal. Please pray for Janet, for their safety as they fly to Vienna on a helicopter, its about a 350 mile flight. My friend Shana the helicopter pilot said it would take about 3 hours or less. Pray that things go smoothly and that Janet gets the care she needs.

I will update when I hear from my Mom.

update ~~ Just talked to my Dad and he called the US office that is coordinating the rescue and they have not left yet, he did find out they are being transported in an air ambulance. She assured my Dad that they will be leaving Bosnia today. Right now its 4:15pm on Monday Bosnia time.


Scott and Shana said...

Shana and I are praying for your family.

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thanks :)

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Just wanted to let you know I'm praying for your family :)