Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Seattle Trip

We took a trip to Seattle to visit with my brother Bill and my SIL Danielle. They along with my Dad were attending a wedding. We lived next door to the groom and his family for 6 years during middle school and high school. He also has a sister that is the same age as me and we were friends in high school. It was funny because we didn't originally go to the wedding because we didn't have childcare for our kiddos, but Ross (the groom) insisted that we come, even though we weren't dressed for a sit down wedding dinner. We had a great time, caught up with our old neighbors who now live in Arizona and the kids danced their hearts out.

All these picture's were taken on Saturday before the wedding.

When we travel overnight with Lincoln he must take all his animals and blankets, so here he is with all his stuff.

Feeding the ducks on Lake Washington.

Reagan on Granddad's shoulders at pike's market.

My brother Bill and SIL Danielle AKA....Uncle Billy and Auntie Danielle

My boys!! We had a great trip!!

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Her said...

I love Seattle, especially the market. I have family there. We need to go and visit sometime soon! See ya on thursday! Bring Regan and Lincoln over for trick or treating ok? Oh, and can you come on Saturday....5 o clock? costumes