Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Vienna -update-

I know that they left Bosnia. We have not heard from them since they have arrived in Austria.
My Dad told me that at the last minute they were told that they couldn't bring their luggage. So they took their valuables and camera and layered up on clothes and left the rest behind. We are hoping that the tour guide can mail the bags back to the United States. My Mom is staying in a hotel tonight and so hopefully we will hear from here soon.

My Mom just called and they are in Vienna and her friend is at the hospital. We still don't know what is causing her intense pain in her back but hopefully they will soon. There ended up being plenty of room on the airplane, and all the luggage made it. There were even empty seats and an extra gurney, so I'm thinking that it wasn't a Learjet, it was something larger. My Mom is now at a hotel trying to get some rest and then back to the hospital.

One of the doctor's on the plane who was very young said that the x-rays don't show anything and her husband said that he wouldn't take much stock in them since the doctor had to kick the x-ray machine to get it to work!!

When I get more news I will let you know.

Thanks for your prayers!!

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