Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween pics

Okay, so this isn't Halloween, but it was Reagan on her class field trip.

Sarah, Jayden, and Reagan...these girls are tight!!

So, you might be asking yourself, I thought Lincoln was going to be a cow and you would be right. However, it was chaffing our poor guy right in a place it shouldn't for little boys. So, we did a quick change back into Mickey Mouse and everything was all better. He now says that he wants to be Mickey every year.

In the picture, Lincoln, Reagan (she is an OSU cheerleader) and good friend and neighbor Chloe (she is a cat). Tim and Chloe's Dad...Mr. Brent take the kids every year, I love it!! I get to stay home and pass out candy, its my favorite thing to do. I wear this big witches hat with feathers around the rim and say boo when I open the door.

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