Wednesday, November 26, 2008


We are having a great time!! It is warmer than last time and more humid but I we are not complaining!! Reagan was born to be in the water...she loves the beach and wants to move here.

Lincoln loves the sand and getting his toes wet, but has had a heat rash on his shoulders, chest and back the entire time so far. He loves to dig and hid things in the sand.

This is the quilt that I made for my brother Bill and his wife Danielle's baby due in April.

Tim and Lincoln at the water park, have I mentioned yet that we are having a blast.

This is our master suite, the kids have one just like and in between our rooms in a kitchen living room area with two couches, a dining room table and breakfast bar.

Here is Reagan after some time playing in the ocean. We haven't swam in the ocean since Monday because 3 Mayan Palace guest drowned on Monday. It was horrible, my older brother Del and his son came accros a guest that had died and the police had just arrived and about 4 hours later a husband and wife drowned, one was trying to save the other and they both died. The ocean has kinda lost its appeal since then.....however the wonderful sandy beach has been nice.

That is the water park view from our room, Lincoln had done down every slide with his cousin Alex and so has Reagan but she went by herself.

This is the view from our lani, it has a soaking tub, I forgot to include that picture. I don't have much time, left to check my email so I will keep this short.

These are my toes, looking out on the beautiful beach, I will include more picture's once we get back.

Just wanted you all to know that we have made it and are having a wonderful time.


Stormy C... is said...

Looks like soo much fun! Glad you guys had a good trip.

About said...

Love the quilt!


Christy said...

Thanks, I'm also making 3 sock monkey quilts for christmas, I love the fabric and can't wait to post picture's.