Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Super Duper Sweet 16, Awesome 80's Prom Birthday Party!!

So, this is a weird picture to start this off but I want to show you how big my hair was, after the night it wasn't as big but you get the idea.

Here is Cyndi, Laura and Suzie in the bathroom primping and spraying before we took the prom picture's.

This picture of Suzy reminds me of an advertisement for hair spray.

Here are Tim and I, I think Tim was in the middle of a goofy face, can you see how big my belt is....its big. I also want to mention that Tim was at my first sweet 16 birthday party, I don't remember him being there because my older brother Bill was having a party as well and I didn't mind because most of them were on the varsity football team.....what more could a girl want for her birthday....senior varsity football players and my future husband!!!

Here we are the happy couple, check out the blush and the bangs...they went in two different directions. Tim also had on original air Jordan's.

Joe & Laura, Joe is still mostly in the 80's so he didn't have to look far for his outfit, and Laura rocked the side pony and the big hoop earrings.

Marv & Suzie, she borrowed the dress from her bible study leader and her son thought she was a super hero with super hero hair.....and look at the skinny tie on Marv...oh we had fun!

Sunny & Mike, don't you love the shoulder pads on Sunny, you can't see it well but she has a big white bow in her hair....and Mike has a Cosby inspired sweater on with a tie around his head.

Jan & Sherm, our chaperon's for the evening, Jan's daughter Trudie (who I graduated from high school with) still had her crimper and all us girls were jealous because none of us could find one. Sherm had his glasses that he actually wore back in the 80's!!

Melissa & Barton, they matched!!!! They get the prize for best matching couple, and don't you love Barton's hat and suspenders!

Mark & Laura brought their own squirt guns, we called Mark Crocket all night from Miami Vice, and the gold headband is from when Laura was on color guard in high school, her Mom still had some of the fabric.
Cyndi was going for the Madonna look and I think she nailed it, she had the bangle bracelets, a cross necklace and original neon yellow earrings from the 80's. Dave wore a tuxedo shirt like Tim and pegged the bottom of their jeans.

Emily & Loren, don't you love her side pony tail and teal and that dress sparkled all night. Loren found a mullet wig and didn't take it off until after bowling...we had so much fun!!
I wanted you to see the back part of Loren's mullet wig, so you could fully appreciate it.

Again, Cyndi even had the two different color socks....she looks like the material girl!

This is me, I just wanted you all too get a better look at my shoulder pads, it has been a long time since I wore a pair of those.

Em & Me, she was there at my first sweet16 birthday party and 16 years later we are still the best of friends!! Together in blue eye shadow and mega loads of blush, 80's girls at heart.

Here is a group picture of us all before we left for bowling.

And a goofy picture of all us.

We totally had so much fun and laughed all night because when we would look at each other we couldn't help but not laugh!!! We all looked so good and the people at the bowling alley had a great laugh as well. After bowling we went to Cold Stone and had ice cream, what a great birthday party!!! I had so much fun and want to know which one of my friends is going to have the next 80's party!?!


Ken Davenport said...

Next time you're in NYC, you should check out the original Awesome 80s Prom!!

Christy said...

I will totally have to do that!!!

Stormy C... is said...

You guys all looked soo good!! Sorry we couldn't make it. Looks like you had a great time!

E said...

That party looks like so much fun! I especially loved all of the couples photos! Too stinkin' cool!!