Thursday, November 6, 2008

Things the kids said this week

Reagan asked me,
  • "Mom, when am I not a kid anymore?"
  • "Mom, who is Verak Omamba?"
  • "I'm sorry, I forgot I'm not suppose to hit Lincoln."
  • "Mom, where are we going today?, tomorrow, or the next day after that?" She is our planner, always wanting to go and do and have an adventure....I love that about her!!
Lincoln said,
  • "Mom, I want to marry you!"
  • "Mom, you cuddle me on da couch and watch Dora?"
  • "I wanna go back home!" We leave the driveway and he instantly says that....he is our homebody...and truthfully I don't blame him!!
Lincoln got stung by a mean old nasty wasp today, he was very brave and didn't shed a tear. We sent Ditka out to find and eat the bee, because Ditka likes to do that. But we had to wrap up Lincoln's hand and not look at it or ask to look at it and most certainly not touch it. After about an hour he said he was all better and back to himself, that is until he fell off the back of the couch.

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