Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Almost done

After laying out squares and triangles this is the design I came up with for baby quilt. But I had no idea where to start, I wasn't sure what to sew first. So I consulted master Google and found a similar pattern and got started.

I had to cut out a bunch of little cream squares.

After several hours, of sewing and tending to the children, dishes, laundry, and dinner I have finished the hard part. Now I just have to sew the border pieces together and then sew it to the quilt. Then add the batting, the back, the silky binding and then the ties.

This is what awaits me 12 red strips and 12 little squares.

Tomorrow I won't be able to work on the quilt much because Reagan has school and we are almost out of Lincoln's favorite yogurt and we can't have that because that is what he eats for breakfast everyday. Plus we are also going to a dress rehearsal for the "Best Christmas Pageant Ever." I am so excited, I have to make a real dinner...not grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup for my parents and in-laws before the play.

Just 3 more to make, but I won't have to mail them so I can work on them right up until the very end....nothing like a procrastinator :)

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