Monday, December 1, 2008

Family picture's in Acapulco

These are my wonderful and generous parents, we are so grateful that they brought us together!! We live on the west coast, my oldest brother and his family live in Colorado, and my Brother Bill lives in North Carolina, so we don't get to all be together very often. Thank you Dad & Mom for a wonderful vacation/family reunion. Oh and they have been married for 44 years...way to go!!

This is me with my brothers, Del in the middle and Bill on the end. Del is the oldest, Bill is the middle and I'm the youngest.

These set of picture's were taken on Thanksgiving just before dinner.

Bill and Danielle, she is due in April with there first baby. We are hoping to go out and visit when the baby is born, if it is a boy he will be named William the 9th, because my brother is William the 8th. We are very excited for this baby!!

The whole happy clan!!

This is Del's beautiful family. Alex is 16 years old and is going to change the world. Del is the engineer/writer, he just got back from China, he engineers dams so he is a dam engineer....we have a lot of fun with that one. Meghan is the beautiful 13 year old and soccer star, Reagan just adores her and would want to sit next to her every night at dinner. I want to bring both Alex and Meghan home with me, they are such great teenagers!! And my beautiful sister in law Beth, I was 11 years old when they got married and she has been in my life longer than with out.

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