Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The final Sock Monkey Quilts

Here is Haley's quilt laid out as I was trying to figure out how I wanted things to go.

Pressing the seams as you go, I split mine instead of pressing them to one side, I find that it helps reduce bulk.

They are sewed into rows that are diagonal.

All done, I turned the quilt instead of sewing on a satin binding.

The super soft chenille fabric with the little bumps is what the kids really loved. Haley named her quilt Chocolate Monkey.

Reagan's laid out into a pattern I liked.

After sewing them into rows, and sewing on the border, I laid down the batting, then the backing right side facing up, then the quilt top wrong side facing up. Pin all the way around leaving a gap between 8-10 inches depending on big your quilt is. Sew it, trim it, turn it right side out and then hand sew the opening with a blind or slip stitch. Not sure if that is the right name of the stitch. I did find that when I used the chenille fabric as a border, it naturally curved in, so I didn't need to pin it closed in order to sew it closed.

All done, at around 12:30am on December 26th. That's right I didn't get it finished in time for Christmas morning. But I did put in on Miss Reagan's bed and when she woke up she found it and was thrilled.

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Gorgeous! I've been dying to see something done with the sock monkey fabric. So cute! Good job and thanks for posting so many pictures! (And thanks for checking in on us over the weekend.)