Sunday, December 14, 2008

Its snowy & cold..... updated

It is about 23 degrees and we have about 2 to 3 inches of snow, the high tomorrow is suppose to be 26 degrees. It is so cold that it is difficult to form a snowball because of the lack of moisture....tomorrow we will have one big snowman!!!

Lincoln looking very cool in his winter coat.

We went back outside after it had been snowing for awhile and it was much colder than a few short hours before.

Ditka trying to eat the falling snowflakes, he really does try to.

I forgot to drop off and pick up Tim prescription, so I quickly drove down to the pharmacy and they filled it for me why I waited....only 20 minutes....and the roads where bare when I left. During that time it snowed so much that I almost didn't make it home, my tires were spinning the entire time up our very steep hill, but by God's grace I made it home.

Picture of home in snow storm without flash.

Picture of house using the flash.

One cold girl drinking hot chocolate, can you tell how cold she was....and she didn't want to come back inside. She did say that she wished we had less, because our friends couldn't come and stay with us, they are snowed in too. Hope to see you soon Scott & Shana.

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